Thursday, July 30, 2009

Out The Box - Lazy K & Lady Tribe ( NY 2 LA - Hip Hop Classics )

There's more & more hits to come...Let's just say the people forgot about certain joints & i'm going to sneak them in. This one was kinda decent & the people was feeling it when it first came out. Once again, props to Lazy K for still sticking in it !!


  1. OMG!! I've been wanting to hear this since it came out. This one and Lady Tribe's mix with Roc Raida.Tribe gets alot shine out here in Cali for graff but as deejay I can't say I've heard anybody give her props.

  2. Glad to hear it !! She has the skills & i was impressed on what i heard. Do you have the one with Roc Raida - i would like to hear it !!

  3. nope!! Trying to find it though.It will turn up sooner or later.