Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Superstar Jay & Duke Diggler ( Summertime Blends )

Now it's that time for all you to realize what's happening in the mixtape world right now. If you checked out the Mista Rello & Jadel's Old School blends, then you got something special with this one. I try to tell dj's blends didn't die - the listeners can't relate to it anymore. I personally can rock blends all day long & this one can keep me around for a bit longer. Sometimes you need to get a taste of cream before you know if it's the real deal or not. If that went over your head, then i already know what's up..Props to Jay & Duke for doing this - it's a start..believe me, a trend will happen sooner than everybody thinks..


  1. 5 Stars my dude! I too can rock blends all day. Thanks for the drop!!!!

  2. nice drop .. i wish we had more of this

  3. Glad you like it !! There's more to come..