Thursday, July 30, 2009

Out The Box - LA Luv ( Thug Passion V4 )

Remember if you got the bbq going this weekend, then i got you covered. Watch how the masses start looking for these songs. They're not old, but the vibe will keep you going. Hip Hop & R & B with a twist..The party vibe is right here !!

Out The Box - LA Luv ( Thug Passion V3 )

South Bronx, here's your favorite son & he's doing his thing once again. The vibe is here & believe me - it should have you going for a minute. Check for Family Affair by Mary, Ugly by Bubba Sparx, Just In Case by Jahiem.

Out The Box - Clue ( Platinum Plus )

As the Isley Brothers say, Here we go again..The hip hop will not stop & people need to keep up with all of us. First the blogs, mixtapes, itunes & who knows what's next..Hands down, Clue changed the game, but with Kay & S & S on his heels..he needed to keep the fire going & believe me, he knew it.

Out The Box - Clue ( The Ruler's Back V2 )

Here's part 2 & i got to shout Brandan out again for dropping these joints on you first. People was going crazy when all these joints was hitting the "net" & i could rock ol joints for years..Once again, enjoy the

Out The Box - Clue ( The Ruler's Back V1 )

Man this is really too easy..But i got to shout out Gildog, S.O.U.L, Ol Skool & Hevehitta for keep dropping the heat on the masses worldwide.

Out The Box - Clue ( Clue For President V2 )

Remember you can't impeach me. So now here's part 2 - enjoy the sounds & you can thank me later.

Out The Box - Clue ( Clue For President V1 )

The man Brandan ( Recognize The Real ) dropped alot of Clue's on you recently & people have been hitting me up for certain ones..So guess what ?? I got them & now so do you..Here's the first one..Enjoy !!!

Out The Box - Lazy K & Lady Tribe ( NY 2 LA - Hip Hop Classics )

There's more & more hits to come...Let's just say the people forgot about certain joints & i'm going to sneak them in. This one was kinda decent & the people was feeling it when it first came out. Once again, props to Lazy K for still sticking in it !!

Out The Box - Superstar Jay, Duke Diggler & Teardropz ( Fantastic Blends V1 )

I'm back at it again..I received some emails from people about putting back up some old joints that other people up recently..So i thought about it & did some digging - just to see if the links was any good. So i'm starting up with Fantastic Blends first..Shouts to the Queens dj's - who keep it

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mixtape 101 - Playlists Without The Covers V2

Once again, i'm back at it again with the covers & the playists..Image rocking with joints like this & then hearing today's music. I was talking with DJ Showtime ( J Mo Ice ) last night & we talked about the state of music & mixtapes. Some things he was talking about was sooo true & now i'm on that different thing again. Some people including dj's feel that I Get Around by Tupac is old school ( every 10 years people need to get those classic joints ). Once again no downloads !!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Out The Box - Kep & Looster ( From Marcy To Bedstuy )

This was one of my favorite biggie & Jay joints. Straight up enjoy this one, if you missed it when it hit the streets - well here's your chance to get it before it runs away !!

Mixtape Madness - Boom ( Illmatic )

This kid was doing his thing with the mixtapes & people didn't even know how he snuck up on everybody. His movement was hard & for those who didn't know what was happening..then let me drop something on you. Here's that hip hop that you seem to be missing recently & let's just say it's a blast from the

Mixtape Legend - Ekim ( Slow Jam V6 - Mbaye )

Once again, here's something for the ladies & believe me - it should keep you going for a minute. I'm doing all types of music & showing you why certain dj's make their marks in the mixtape game & it wasn't about the same 10 dj's either. Enjoy something different & see what made the game different from what you think today !!

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( 4 Life )

Guess this time would be the right moment to drop some more blends on you. I think people know what we try to do here. Shouts to my crews ( Diggers Union & Tapemasters Crew ) & props to Mista Rello for still doing his thing on the blends..If you're in Queens, NY hit Rello up & let him know how you feel about his joints..whether it's the present, past or future !!

Mixtape Madness - Reggaelution ( RL V15 )

Guess who's back & doing the damn thing. Some people think that we have to drop just hip hop & later for everything else. Sorry people were taking this to another level with real hip hop reggae. Let's just say it's Child's Play & we got the key to the door.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Superstar Jay & Duke Diggler ( Summertime Blends )

Now it's that time for all you to realize what's happening in the mixtape world right now. If you checked out the Mista Rello & Jadel's Old School blends, then you got something special with this one. I try to tell dj's blends didn't die - the listeners can't relate to it anymore. I personally can rock blends all day long & this one can keep me around for a bit longer. Sometimes you need to get a taste of cream before you know if it's the real deal or not. If that went over your head, then i already know what's up..Props to Jay & Duke for doing this - it's a start..believe me, a trend will happen sooner than everybody thinks..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Out The Box - Danny S ( That's Wassup V1 )

Believe me, we got mixtapes !! Some of them you didn't even know about !! Once again, props to all those people who was sending me emails. Also to my partners in crime ( King Apex & The Diggers Union )..Stay with me because we're going to change the game one step at a time !! PS: Danny S classic joint to me was the Seduction V1..

Out The Box - Kay Slay ( R & B World 2000 )

I think this one was already put out. But i think we all know how i feel about my mixtapes. So just enjoy some good music & believe me, you won't be dissapointed either !! Kay was doing his thing with the mixtapes, hands down he had some djs shooked.

Out The Box - Arson ( Flash Of Class )

I told you what i'm on this weekend. Keep in step & see what i got to drop next. My true mixtape fiends know exactly what time it is !! Let's just say we're going to keep it funky on the blogs & the net.

Mixtape Legend - Kay Slay ( Thinkin' About You V6 )

If you got the other 2, then there's no doubt about this one..Drop it in the ipod & watch the people go crazy. believe me, i seen it happen. If you're in NY tommorrow, i'll be at the Harlem Book Fair ( 135th St between ACP & Malcolm X ) - come thru & see what we do !!

Mixtape Legend - Kay Slay ( Thinkin' About You V5 )

Once again, there's more to come with this series. Props to Ol Skool for making me dig for these. There's more to come & believe me, this isn't the tip of the iceberg..Ladies, we're going to make it funky this weekend.

Mixtape Legend - Kay Slay ( Thinkin' About You V4 )

Man, this stuff is too the people say where's the hip hop. Sorry on this trip - i'm doing r & b/Slow Jams. If this isn't your speed check for me next weekend..For the Grown & Sexy people - these are for you !! You didn't think that we could drop joints like this..

Out The Box - Nighthawks ( Romance V1 feat Fran Lover )

Ladies, i'm going to continue giving you the real sounds for those laid back days. Shouts to Ol Skool & Gildog..let's show them how to do this !!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Out The Box - Doggtime ( Doggplay )

Time to bring some music to the net & let people know we're not going to stop. I'm going to be on that grown up music for a minute. My fellow bloggers is going to enjoy the drops - it's about the music & that's what made the existence of the mixtape blogs. Because today's music is weak & i'm going to prove it now. Ladies grab your ipods because we're going on a trip !!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mixtape 101 - Playlists Without The Covers

I had to do this to prove a point to some people who thought that i wasn't really doing my thing with getting tapes back then. Mixtapes was more popular than ever before back then, you can look at the playlists & see for yourself !! Mixtapes made an impact without a cover !! Then the covers came out, so here i show you what the times was like before !! Sorry no downloads & yes, i got the tapes in the collection !!

Mixtape Legend - Kool Kid ( Hood Legends V10 )

Here's another one to the series - which was moving in the streets of NY !! This one was hosted by Red

Mixtape Legend - Kool Kid ( Hood Legends V9 )

Believe me, we got this covered & i'm glad everybody is dropping this weekend. Kool Kid has been doing his thing for years & people finally realized what he done for mixtapes also. When i dropped the Diesel V1, people was asking for more joints on Kid. Shouts to Big Dev & Red Cafe !! Now you can get some more from & check for Sugi's drops also on Kool Kid !!

Mixtape Legends - Kay Slay & Cutmaster C ( Get Down Or Lay Down )

I think this one was dropped already - i had put v2 out already & found this one this morning. Once again, enjoy some hip hop. We try to keep stuff going on..

Remember The Time - The Soulful Years !!

Now i think everybody know about the explosion on the net right now on Mr. MJ - So to me i thought about giving a tribute of my own to one of the greatest entertainers on earth. So i just started getting together mixes by dj's. Some was really good !! So here you go & believe me, you will enjoy them !! DJ's Mister Cee, Jaycee & special tribute to Janet & Micheal ( call it Jacksons ). Don't worry part 2 will be here sooner than you think !!

Mixtape Legend - Junior Tec ( The Blends V7 )

I seen that Sugi dropped a Junior Tec recently - so why not continue doing the same thing. Remember all of us is doing what other people couldn't do before. Give those people a shout out or at least give a response on their blogs. I get emails all the time about what i do & believe me, it feels good & i'm not going to stop either.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Boom ( Thristy 30 V2 )

So you think, i don't know my hip hop..So why not drop some hip hop instrumentals on you & make you wonder what happen to Boom !! He represented Bklyn ( ENY ) to the fullest. If you remember Boom then you know what he contributed to mixtapes - take it for what you know & just think how many joints you really forgot about !!

Mixtape Legend - Ekim ( Party Mode V5 )

Straight up, if you're up in the club - then this one is for you !! If you're one of those people who just sit behind the computer - then isn't for you !! Straight bangerz !! Keep the vibe going & be safe for the holiday !!

Mixtape Legend - Action PAC ( R & B/Hip Hop Swing 2K2 )

Here's another one !! I'm doing this for my r & b family !! Let's keep the vibe going & how many of you remember about Brotha (rmx), No More Drama ( rmx ) there's nothing else to be said now.

Mixtape Madness - DJ Self ( We Be Clubbin V7 )

Now let's drop some party joints on the net. If you're into Power 105 ( NY ), then this one is for you. I got joints for days !!

Mixtape Legend - Action PAC ( R & B/Hip Hop Swing 2K3 V2 )

Here's part 2..we need to get that r & b fever for the weekend holiday..Tell everybody to save me some bbq.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Project Sounds ( Old School Party Mix V15 )

Here's another one for the "clic" & believe me, this one should take you on a ride for the holiday weekend !!

Mixtape Legend - Jae Supreme ( Classic Club Soul )

I think Ol Skool drop this already on his blog. But i had to do this one for the people in the hoods worldwide.

Mixtape Legends - Kay Slay & Capone ( Flatlinerz )

I think this was dropped already. But i had to keep it going on the hip hop thing. Don't worry there's more to come !!

Mixtape Madness - Fantasy ( Hip Hop 101 )

Let's keep it coming !! Once again, i'm going to keep it coming & show people who was doing it on the scene.

Mixtape Madness - Fantasy ( Street Code 1.01 )

Tell me, who's keeps it coming !! How about some more hip hop..Not too old but you get the point. Once again, enjoy some more treats !!

Mixtape Madness - Fantasy ( Air It Out )

So you want some hip hop !! Let's just say, we can keep it going for a minute & then some !! Some people didn't realize that there was some good mixtapes out & the big name dudes wasn't dropping the songs. How many of you remember Joe Buddens or The Game freestyles, Secret Agent by NAS !!

Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( Slow Jams V15 - Day Dreams )

Ladies, i didn't forget about you !! So i had to give you some more of the slow jams. As you see, the movement will not stop.

Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( Party Mode V7 - I'm Back )

As the title says. I'm here to drop some more joints on you. The invasion of the "blogs" is becoming very popular. Certain dj's is talking & that's making a some people think. Of course, i'm not going to stop anytime soon. So enjoy another E-Kim release !! Pick up the pieces because we're about to go on a ride.