Saturday, June 20, 2009

True Hip Hop - Rocking Rob's Birthday 1981

Tapemasta: These was the days when hip hop was raw & the mixtapes was even harder. None of that talk about a playlist, what's on it or let me see the cover !! Believe me, when i tell you we got this covered & why we got it !! Once again, enjoy some real hip hop !! Check out for more joints !! Ol Skool, this should take you back bro !!

King Apex: D.J. Rocking Rob’s Birthday and The Mean 3, as well as The M.C. Connection are at St. Joseph, 1981. (Note: D.J. Rocking Rob D.J.s for both crews and they are all under the umbrella of The Original Mean Machine. In the Mean 3 it’s Tiny Tine, Master Bee and Rocking Rob. Rob kills the piano on Square Biz by Teena Maria. Master B has a real nice flow. Before the M.C. Connection get on they first play their record, which is not in the history books (Ego trip’s book of Rap list and Yes Yes Y’all.) so this is a very rare record. Of the M.C. Connection there is emcee Barry Bee, emcee Crazy Eddie, Little Rich and Lil Bit. Lil Bit is a female emcee. Lil bit is not in the house this night. T.K. Tone and Ice Man are in the house. Barry Bee does a rhyme about shooting dice and Rocking Rob rocks the Beat Box.) 75min. DO NOT SLEEP!!! These cats are high powered. I've heard heads speak on the Mean Machine before & now I FULLY understand why. Check the beginning of the tape, Tiny Tine announces that Rockin Rob is better than ANY DJ out there & he calls out names too (including Flash!). He is mos def no slouch....just check the square biz cuts.

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  1. Rockin Rob is my hero and a true inspiration to me and what I do. He is a turntable master and impeccable when it comes to cutting up 45s.

    Forrest Getemgump