Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Enjoy Yourself ( Vacation Time )

I'm going on that well deserve vacation, people ( Jamaica is going to look good right now )..I'll be back on the scene next Friday !! To all those people who was sending me emails ( Thanks alot & believe me, i got more to come ) - i got you..To my Tapemasters Crew ( oh yeah, it's coming sooner than you think ), we did it !! To my blog brothers ( SOUL, Brandan, Pos2, Gildog, Andyman, Ogbeez, Marioka ) keep doing your thing !! To NASBooks nothing but luv for you & watch what we do next !! King Apex, you got me hyped again !! Gildog keep doing your thing !!


  1. My man, If I did not hear from you for a year I still could not listen to all the music you drop(even though I try). Enjoy the Islands and be safe. It is really a blessing to come to your spot day in and day out to see what's poppin'. Peace and we will keep in movin til you get back!!!!

  2. Have a good one Tape, you deserve it. One Love

  3. Enjoy your well deserved vacation. We'll keep them tapes coming till you get back


  4. Have a great time & bring me back some...nah u gotta go thru customs...LoL.
    Anyway, enjoy urself bredren. We'll build more when u get home.
    King APEX
    The Tapemasters Crew

  5. Yes Yes you have definetly put in work man and it's appreciated on this end!! I have to agree with Gildog I only hope to be able to listen to all these mixtapes!!I hope your vacation is boss!!