Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( Party Mode V2 - The Jump Off )

Now i'm about to be on that party scene & people will rock to their fullest potential. As the song says pick up the pieces & see why we keep this going on. The title alone speaks for itself - so once again enjoy the sounds.

Mixtape Madness - Camilo ( Cold As Ice )

As you hear this joint & see why Camilo is one of the best at what he does. Now the listeners get to hear why he's the man. Once again stand up when you hear this man on the mix, we make it too easy for everybody !!

Mixtape Madness - Beyondrest ( You Could Hate Us Now - In NAS We Trust )

I told you before that i'm going to keep up with the blends. For those NAS fans, this should be good for you. Let's just say now, we can see the future & hip hop is going to be okay for a minute. Mixtapes is going to be on that right path !!

Mixtape Madness - Smij Mc Bee ( Blend Gems V3 - The Crown Jewel )

Let's keep going with the blends. I'm going to keep going with everything & now people is going to see what's happening now. Once again, jump up & get beat down !! Enjoy some real music & see what made the masses go crazy !!

Mixtape Legend - Ron G ( The New Beginning )

As the song says, guess who's back ?? I've been talking with a few people in the last couple of weeks & i came up with some new ideas. Which should make people happy !! With the passing of MJ, i started thinking about what's happening around me & now i'm about to change up on the "game " one more time. Enjoy some music & i'll let you know what's popping !! For those people who live in the NY area, keep up with me because i got you !! Once again, here's the youngest in charge on the mix.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Whoo Kid ( Max Payne V1 & V2 )

This whole thing we doing is not just for mixtapes - it's a movement !! Think about how we drop joints to make people go wild !! The more i think about it, the more i just keep dropping !! Stay on board because it's not going to stop yet !!

Mixtape Legend - Action PAC ( R & B/Hip Hop Swing V11 )

Straight up, when you go to work in the morning & rock this joint. Watch how your older co-workers say play that again !! How many of you remember that Fallin ( rmx ) with Busta on it or Take You Out ( rmx ) by Luther Vandross..I told you we're not playing anymore here !!

Mixtape Legend - Action PAC ( R & B/Hip Hop Swing 2K3 V1 )

Here's another series that i'm sure you got a few years ago. As you see, i'm on my job with some different stuff now - once again enjoy some good music. I'm on a roll right now - keep up people because as of this moment - we're coming !!

Mixtape Legend - Action PAC ( R & B Life V11 )

Here's another one for you..To the point, i'm just going on the ride for the r & b series..Believe me, you'll enjoy what i'm dropping on the net.

Mixtape Legend - Action PAC ( R & B Life V10 )

Now let's keep going with the r & b joints..Action was doing his thing for years & he jump started alot of mixtape dj's careers..So let me introduce Action PAC to the net !!

Mixtape Legend - Lazy K ( Good Music V2 )

Here's the second part of some good music. No hip hop, just straight slow jams/r & b. As the title says Good Music !!

Loyal 2 Da Game - Why I Do This !!

Sometimes you have to step back & see what's around you..I personally do this because i can & i don't a problem sharing my joints ( Today's mixtapes & dj's are weak & lame - itunes, limewire made the dj's weak & lazy - which was one of the reasons why i do this ). I don't get a check for dropping these here & i don't appreciate people talking shit on what i should do or why ( But when i do best believe that fire won't stop ). I've been in this longer than alot of you can remember why you got that first mixtape of yours. Once again, i enjoy sharing my joints with people ( I don't have a problem boosting peoples collection - but when you take & don't acknowledge it - then you need to get disrespected - remember this is the WWW & your ip number follows you where ever you go - even if you change the sharing company)..Me & King Apex started doing mixtape reviews years before they came into The Source Magazines, XXL, etc..I think you get the point now. I've been down with the Mixtape Awards for years - I luv mixtapes & people always try to shut it down on some real stupid shit - but they don't seem to realize all they do is make it more popular !! The record labels thought they could take advantage of it & it backed fired on them..Mixtapes is a part of hip hop & now people can realize it !! We got a good thing going with this blog thing & we need to keep it going !! Once again, props to the people who's doing it on mixtapes, blogs, websites, magazines, etc !! Also a big shout to those people who's been sending me emails about joints that they missed & found with me ( keep em coming )..I know how you feel because Gildog had found a joint for me & i was looking for it for years !! I play that shit it least twice a day..Hands down, SOUL & Gildog made me drop joints everyday..which i appreciate both of them more now & i can't stop !! Also props to King Apex for bringing back that real hip hop feel & let's show them how we use to do it !! Ol Skool, Brandan, Ogbeez, Marioka, Pos2, Andyman, Mike, Omega, Bzwron, Hevehitta, Unexpected & others keep doing your thing !! Also to NASbooks let's show them why we can't be stopped !! To my Rapmullet fam ( Dimez & Big Chew ) we changed the game..PS: I got more joints to drop all over the place ( Magazines, Websites & blogs )

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Lazy K ( Good Music V1 )

I got to keep coming with the slow jams. Lazy did her thing with the hip hop joints & some people realize that she was the complete package. Hey, you don't need a promoter or marketing person to move your product. The work speaks for itself !! I can personally rock the old joints for years & nobody can't make me rock the current music !!

Mixtape Madness - Big Mike ( R & B Jumpoff V1 )

Here's the start of a series which is still running today. But once you see what the people or dj's is doing now then you'll ( The Listener or Collector ) make the right decision on what mixtapes move for you. So let me show you what this series was about & then you check the current releases.

Loyal 2 Da Game - DJ Daredevil ( The Classix V2 )

Tapemasta: This dj has the skills to pay the bills & alot of dj's in the mixtape game is missing this today..I do have one request though, drop a whole 80 minute mix of nothing but flavor from the 90's & the people will go crazy !! I'm glad to know him - his joints are really nothing like today's enjoy something different !!
Shouts to Diggers Union, Tapemasters Crew, Nasbooks, Gildog, Ol Skool, SOUL, Ogbeez.
DJ Daredevil: Hey Wassup Peeps ??? This is the secound edition of my Classix Mix Collection ....'DJDAREDEVIL THE CLASSIX VOL.2.' For Those of you who gave me feedback on Vol.1. Thanks for your support ..Let me know what you think of Vol.2. and watchout for Vol.3. Currently in the making !!!!....Download DJDAREDEVIL THE CLASSIX VOL.2. HERE
1. Intro (shouts)
2. Erule - Listen up(Juggled)
3. Brand Nubian - Punks Jump up to get beat down(Diamond D ins, Cuts + Shouts)
4. Milano - Deal with a feeling(juggled)
5. Scaramanga ft-GodfatherDon - Special Efx
6. Real Live - The Turnaround
7. Smut Peddlers - One by one
8. Non Fiction - I Shot Regan(Cuts+Juggles)
9. Mobb Deep - Drop a gem on em
10.The Large Proffessor - The Mad Scientist
11.HydraBeats Produced By The Beatnuts - Gunna fly so high
12.O.C + Freddie Fox - M.U.G

True Hip Hop - Rocking Rob's Birthday 1981

Tapemasta: These was the days when hip hop was raw & the mixtapes was even harder. None of that talk about a playlist, what's on it or let me see the cover !! Believe me, when i tell you we got this covered & why we got it !! Once again, enjoy some real hip hop !! Check out for more joints !! Ol Skool, this should take you back bro !!

King Apex: D.J. Rocking Rob’s Birthday and The Mean 3, as well as The M.C. Connection are at St. Joseph, 1981. (Note: D.J. Rocking Rob D.J.s for both crews and they are all under the umbrella of The Original Mean Machine. In the Mean 3 it’s Tiny Tine, Master Bee and Rocking Rob. Rob kills the piano on Square Biz by Teena Maria. Master B has a real nice flow. Before the M.C. Connection get on they first play their record, which is not in the history books (Ego trip’s book of Rap list and Yes Yes Y’all.) so this is a very rare record. Of the M.C. Connection there is emcee Barry Bee, emcee Crazy Eddie, Little Rich and Lil Bit. Lil Bit is a female emcee. Lil bit is not in the house this night. T.K. Tone and Ice Man are in the house. Barry Bee does a rhyme about shooting dice and Rocking Rob rocks the Beat Box.) 75min. DO NOT SLEEP!!! These cats are high powered. I've heard heads speak on the Mean Machine before & now I FULLY understand why. Check the beginning of the tape, Tiny Tine announces that Rockin Rob is better than ANY DJ out there & he calls out names too (including Flash!). He is mos def no slouch....just check the square biz cuts.

Side B:

Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( Slow Jams V14 - Love Calls )

The blog world know that i enjoy r & b with some slow jams included. Don't forget the jazz is coming also. Some of us can rock with some relaxing music !! So let me drop this one on you - Ladies i got you !!

Loyal 2 Da Game - Classic Mixtapes V2 ( The Past )

Here's another one & this time we doing NAS..of course, i'm sure you had alot of NAS joints. There's some joints on here that you missed..Let me introduce NAS feat The Firm Click !!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Loyal 2 Da Game - Classic Mixtapes V1 ( The Past )

Here's another drop & this time we got Mase on the joint..Hip hop will never be the same & Let's just say it was deep into the silver lining !!

Mixtape Madness - DJ Arson ( Slow Ya Row V4 )

If there's something going on. Believe me, things are going to how the masses get togther on the music. Matter of fact, this joint is a slow jam..Tell the ladies, i'm back on my job !!

Mixtape Madness - DJ Arson ( Cruise Control V8 )

Time to get a little funky in this blog..People don't realize what we trying to do. But you watch & see how we do it..Once again, jump at this one !!

Mixtape Legend - Ron G ( Da Remix Album )

As you see, i'm really on some other stuff right now..Let's enjoy the music & see why people rock with Ron G..

Mixtape Legend - Ron G ( Mixes V10 )

There's nothing to be said..Just jump on the blends & see what the mixtape game is missing right now. All i can say is 155 ( The polo grounds )

Planet Brooklyn - Belal ( The Best Of Both Worlds )

The rest was very welcomed & i'll always tell people to get their vacation on. Some people can't relate to it. So now i just keep it funky !! We need to get some real music & now you get a real dj. Once again. jump on the ride because i'm going all out this weekend.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Enjoy Yourself ( Vacation Time )

I'm going on that well deserve vacation, people ( Jamaica is going to look good right now )..I'll be back on the scene next Friday !! To all those people who was sending me emails ( Thanks alot & believe me, i got more to come ) - i got you..To my Tapemasters Crew ( oh yeah, it's coming sooner than you think ), we did it !! To my blog brothers ( SOUL, Brandan, Pos2, Gildog, Andyman, Ogbeez, Marioka ) keep doing your thing !! To NASBooks nothing but luv for you & watch what we do next !! King Apex, you got me hyped again !! Gildog keep doing your thing !!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Fran Lover ( In The Mood V7 )

One more time & i got you on this one..The series is crazy & i'm mad because i can't find V1-3. I know that i had it some where..but that's okay because i got more to drop tonight..once again ladies, enjoy some good tracks !!

Mixtape Legend - Fran Lover ( In The Mood V6 )

Here's another one..Believe me, this series was pumping hard in NYC..Between Ekim & Fran, the slow jams was present all over the place..So all those current slow jam masters today can't compete with enjoy what we was rocking back in the days !!

Mixtape Legend - Fidel ( 1999 )

I'm back at it again & i wasn't lying about having joints..I keep going because it's fun !! Enjoy some culture sounds from the past..

Mixtape Legend - Fidel ( Can't Believe Me Eye )

Once again, i'm just digging in the box for all kinds of joints. So why drop some more reggae on the net. If you don't know about Fidel, then let's just say that you never left the box. Enjoy the sounds.

Mixtape Legend - Fran Lover ( In The Mood V5 )

I think everybody knows about how i feel on the series thing. If you been following me then you know that if i got it then you got it. So i'm about to drop it on you !! Ladies, you can thank me later & fellas now you got the quiet night to watch the game !!

Mixtape Legend - Fran Lover ( In The Mood V4 )

If you was rocking with the Ekim slow jams - then this one should have you jumping all over the place. Yes sir, we're doing it for the ladies this time around !!

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( Doggs Need Luv Too )

Now we're going to take this blog thing to another flow again. Slow jams made people go on for every moment. So since everybody thought Doggtime was doing blends or r & b, here you see the was doing his thing. How many of you remember Bedtime ( Live ) by Usher, if so then this joint is for you.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Ron G ( The Ghost Hosted By Styles )

I keep telling we can do this all day & still make more hits on the internet. Mixtapes is suppose to make you enjoy what's up & see what's coming up next..Nothing but a Ron G mixtape !!

Mixtape Legend - Ron G ( You Know The Outcome V2 )

Let's keep going with the hip hop for the moment..Everybody was going crazy when Supa Ugly was dropping on the airwaves..So let me drop something was that everybody was getting at that moment. How many of you remember Poetry by Cormega ( Dissin Nas ) !!

Mixtape Legend - Ron G ( Supa Ugly Hosted By Zab Judah )

As see once again..were going to cover all bases & that's the way it should be -when it comes to mixtapes. Some people realize that we know the difference between a mixtape & a top 40 joint. Here you get to see why Ron G became a legend & why..

Mixtape Legend - Fatha Ramzee ( The Blend Bully )

Let's get it on within the net..If you think we can't keep up..Let's see how many of you check this out from Fatha Ramzee himself..I keep telling you the net is going to tell you what moves for real now. Let me know how you like it !!

Mixtape Madness - LA Luv ( Party Ain't A Party 2001 )

Everybody knows that i'm always ready for a party or something good for the ipod which can be on total replay. I've always said if you can rock a party, then mixtapes isn't really that hard. But now you get dj's who continue to do top 40 songs & they really don't do anything for the listener. But that's my view on it !!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mixtape Madness - LA Luv ( Summer R & B V13 )

There's some joints to drop on the net & believe me, wait until you see what's poppin next. Let's just say we got this covered & itunes know what i'm doing now..So for all those people who taking the drops & putting them on ebay..Thank you & let me know if you was doing it so i can thank you personally !! Here's another one for your collection !!

Mixtape Madness - Big Mike ( Cruel Summer V2 )

As you see, the moment is near when we keep dropping more & more hits !! Jump on it before it's gone !!

Mixtape Madness - Big Mike ( New Years Resolution 2K3 )

As you see, this is a open book for everybody to see !! I'm just keeping this simple & keep the sounds coming.

Mixtape Madness - Big Mike ( Fight Club V1 )

Time give you some hip hop again.. As you can see, the flavor keeps coming & coming !! I'm on a roll now - sit back & watch me unwind some joints..

Mixtape Madness - Streetsweepers ( R & B Gangsters V3 )

As you see, i'm doing r & b this weekend for you !! So once again, enjoy some grown up music. Keep up with the pace & i'll drop some more - also this one was hosted by KeKe Wyatt !!

Mixtape Legend - Lazy K ( Lazy Sundayz )

Here's another joint by the queen of steel & let's just say she keeps her ground with the blends. It's not all blends, but you get the point - once you hear it !! Sit back & let her do her thing for you.

Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( Slow Jams V8 1/2 )

Now you know, i had to keep the flavor here's part 8 1/2..Once again, enjoy some real sounds on the ride to work !!

Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( Slow Jams V8 )

Now i'm going to flip the script & doing something for the ladies this time..Believe me, they'll enjoy this & play it for a minute. Just sit back with your wife & enjoy some real sounds - how many of you remember You by Jesse Powell ( rmx ), Let's Make Love by Silk..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Souljah ( Prime Cuts Sampler )

I'm back again with that bbq mixtape for the weekend, but i'm coming with a twist. Here you get all kinds of music ( Hip Hop, Reggae, R & B, Old School )..I'm going thru some uploading problems, so just bare with us & hopefully we can get everything resolve this weekend. So enjoy this one !!

Loyal 2 Da Game - 2009 True School Hip Hop NYC Park Jams for the month of June

Props to 238 beats, i had forgot about this..if you're a dj & haven't been to one of these..then just give up your vinyl, mp3, cdj's, serato, etc..Just leave the craft alone & let the real people rock it !!
Man, i can't wait to see those old faces again on 149th & 3rd av-South Bronx, Baby !! PS: I'm a born & bred Brooklyn dude !! Straight hip hop people !! Once again, props to 238 Beats & i'm coming thru to Classic Hip Hop Thursday soon...
2009 True School Hip Hop NYC Park Jams

JUNE 4, 11, 18 & 25, 2009 Boogie Down B-Boy/B-Girl Jams: Bronx A Brand New Park Jam Series Featuring DJs who Dance, Dancers who DJ and simply the best B-Boy/B-Girl!


DJ JAZZY JAY (Soulsonic Force, UZN, Strong City) DJ DP ONE (Turntable Anihilists) DJ LEAN ROCK (Floor Lords, Horsepower)




DJ FORREST GETEMGUMP (Horsepower) DJ GRANDMASTER CAZ (Cold Crush Brothers) DJ TONY TONE (Cold Crush Brothers) JOHNNY JUICE ROSADO (Public Enemy)
Thursdays, June 4, 11 and 18 2009 @ Behagen Park 5pm-9pm. FREE! All Ages! Behagen Park E. 166th St. between Tinton & Union Aves. Bronx NY 104562 or 5 train to Prospect or try for directions.Behagen Park:

JUNE 25:
POPMASTER FABEL (Rock Steady Crew)


DJ CHUCK CITY (Black Spades)

Thursday, June 25th from 4-7pm @ St. Mary's Park 4 pm-7 pm. FREE! All Ages! 146th St. and St. Ann's Bronx NYC 10454. 2 or 5 train to 149th & 3rd or 6 train to Brook or try for directions. St. Mary's Park: Jam Rules: No Alcohol. No Drugs. No Vending without a TUA from the NYC Parks Dept. No Driving Vehicles into any Park. No One on Stage Unless Scheduled to Perform. Keep your Garbage in the Cans and off the Ground. Support your local "Friends of..." the Park organizations and the NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation.

Presenting Sponsors:

Major Sponsors: SONY MU*TE*KI:

Supporting Sponsors: FAT BEATS:



Flyer by HAKS ONE

Sound by the legendary SUPERMAN SOUND

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Ron G ( Mixes V1 )

Now let's do it for real & show you why we do it..Nothing else really to be said about the youngest in charge. Today, you have corny dj's who can't keep up..believe me, i've studied the game & yes, this era was the best when it came to mixtapes.

Updated Link 6/5/09..

Mixtape Madness - Chink ( Classic Mix V6 )

Here's something for my old school crew around the net. Let's just say everybody could be rocking these joints at the bbq for 2009. How many of you remember Walking Into Sunshine or Make That Move. If you remember these 2 songs, then you got what i'm saying then !!
Updated Link:

Mixtape Madness - Chink ( Classic Mix V5 )

Here's another one..let's just say were going on with some more old school r & b for the net. Believe me, this Brooklyn dj was doing his thing for the moment..enjoy some classic tunes & i got more to come.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Ty Boogie ( R & B Vibe V3 )

If you got the other 2, then you already know how we do over here..time to keep the noise going & show you what we really do..

Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( R & B V9 )

This one is for the laid back people..who's on the cross county ride !! We keep the r & b movement going & believe me..we got it covered !! On this release, you get some r & b with a little bit of hip hop.

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( Sky's The Limit V2 )

Here's part 2..I'm back with a force & mixtapes is going be back on the front like it use to be..props to Nasbooks, Ol Skool, Gildog, Ogbeez, Brandan, S.O.U.L, Omega, Marioka, Andy187, DJ Soul. Shout out to all my Bk people ( RIP to 9-Finger Rob ( ENY ) & Omar Edwards ( Ocean Hill/Brownsville ) )

Mixtape Madness - Chink ( Classic Mix V2 )

What's the deal party people..Lately i've been in the cut just coming up with some new ideas which should make the people happy..But for the moment, let's just have some fun & let the people know how we do on the net..enough talk - let just go for the gold !!