Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rapmullet/Pushin' Tapes/Big Chew/Ron G

Taken from Big Chew of Rapmullet:
Back with some Ron G cause both you and I can't get enough of mixtapes like this. If you get a smile on your face when you see "Ron G Mixes 4" or Ron G Mixes 11" then you're just like me...mixtape fiend for days.

Mixes 4 is Ron G catching his stride with the "mixes" series. You can hear in this mix the confidence is growing, it's almost getting too easy. The think I love about it tho is you can hear that Ron was having fun. It shows and honestly a lot of DJs today don't sound like their having fun making their mixtape. "Microphone Fiend" beat with Color Me Badd's "I Adore Mi Amore" over the top. Listen to the Girls Nite Out mix and you know what Mixes 4 is all about.
Mixes 11 is probably my favorite out the whole Mixes series. Just for the simple fact that I cop'd it when it initially dropped back in 93. Miss Jones on the intro track is that character, that shit that made it a Ron G mixape. Shout to Big Merv, Justice, Mario...Patty Poo, hahaha I never knew who those people were but they stayed getting shout outs. lol That Kool G Rap "Ill Street Blues" over "Dre Day" was the hardest mix back then. He freaks that Prince mix too. That shit knocks like landlords looking for rent. Best part of Mixes 11 to me was "Funky Enough" over Cubes "Good Day", cutting that shit up nicely, then Ron flippin' "G-Thang". That shit was creative as hell and wasn't even really a blend or nothing but it knocks and it branded his name in your head forever.
Mixes 4

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