Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rapmullet/Pushin' Tapes/Big Chew/Ron G

As you see the weekend hasn't stop yet & we still keep going..

Taken from Rapmullet's Big Chew:

It's the youngest in charge! You know what fucked my head up? Ron G is like a year or two older than me. I'm thinking back to when I first got into his mixtapes and how young I was and here he is putting in that work that made him a mixtape legend. He truly was the youngest in charge. I can't imagine doing what he did at that age. I def give him his props. Mixes 3 is that joint. I mean what else you expect? I'm not gonna front like I have the original on cassette and cop'd it when it first dropped. I do have Side A and Side B tho. Mixes 6 is 18 tracks long, it's tracked out, no titles tho...not the whole mixtape. I got the whole Mixes series from Ron a couple years ago, mixes 1-13, all on CD. Quality varies from CD to CD. I def treasure them tho almost as much as my daughter. I'm a fiend for real. Anyway get your download on.

Hit up Ron's myspace: if you want to get at him to cop your own. Don't expect much, just a cd2 with some magic marker on it. No covers, no track I could market the hell out of these now but oh well. Some cats don't want to live in the past and/or handle their B.I. properly. I still wish he would have done that interview with me but I guess those questions were too real. lol Other Mixes coming soon, stay tuned.

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