Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Technitions Mag ( Lil Kim )

Now this should make you understand what i do & why..i've been doing this way before people started catching on ( i was doing this before there was a Mixtape Mondays on MTV or the Source Mag ). Me & King Apex was doing this on & this is one of oldest mixtape spots on the web today. When i tell you that i got joints for days, it's not a lie & i do my best to keep my vibe going. Just like everybody in my mixtape blog family i truly enjoy mixtapes & collect them because that's a trend of what music should. Today's djs' is kinda weak & they know it !! When you can pull out joints 10 - 12 years ago & still do better than today's joints. Then you know we got problems. Shouts to the family: S.O.U.L, Ogbeez, Brandan, Gildog, Nasbooks, Hevehitta, Big Chew, Dimez, Miami Kaos, Sommer, Mark Xxclusive, Unexpected, Andy187, DJ Books, Irak, King Apex, Pos2, Chivato, DJ Soul, 238Beats, Jay Faire, Brucie B, Doo Wop, Kool Kid, Slayer, Rapmullet, The Foundation Mag & those people who's been hitting me up with emails & the people around the world keep coming we got you covered !! What's up Japan !!

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