Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mixtape Madness ( Sunday Edition )

Recently, i seen the explosion of what people wasn't really talking about & that was the current state of mixtapes. We had history on what people/dj's shouldn't do like steal tracks from other mixtapes, putting whole albums on a mixtape, every rapper shouldn't be on a mixtape. It was a honor if a rapper hosted a whole mixtape & not put drops on it. Now you got every rapper doing a mixtape, which is a poor version of an album. DJ's is not getting respect for what they started & still doing today. Now you got dj's that do mixtapes is going back to the Old School because the industry is slipping & the internet took over. Sometimes we need to get a battery in our backs to push the envelope forward & now we got different people from all over the whole world sharing different mixtapes with us. That's a honor & something special when you really think about it !! For those people who's doing this for the love, thanks alot from one mixtape collector to another. Every Sunday, i'll put up some of my old reviews of tapes or cds that i did over the years & some you'll be suprised that i had !!

PS: We need to start a mixtape conglomerate soon..I got a idea about doing one !!

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  1. Educate me brotha. I remember when the mixtape game changed for me. I started hearing guys doing mixtapes when the rapper was the featured artist and I was like where is the blend? What happened to the cuts? Where is the creativity? I remember it was always cool to listen to some of those hot 97 mixtapes with artist freestyling live on the radio over someone else beat. But somewhere along the way this shit got screwed up. To me the mixtape is sacred and a tape or today a cd with on or two artist on it rappin about nothin over someone else beat is pathetic. Lil Wayne for 80 minutes over someone else beat is not a mixtape. I really wish the industry would give that another name like "In Between Album, Album", you know what I mean? For those people who use to wait on those classic mixtapes like Juice, Clue, Lazy K, Ron G, Tony Touch, and so many others it is a disservice to them and everything they stood for. I thank you brotha, because when it comes to mixtapes I don't have to live in the present and listen to all the garbage that has flooded the industry. Not only do I get to relive my past but I also get to relive it and get introduced to dj's that I did not know about. Its hard to believe that the game is in this bad of shape when the music use to be so good. Thanks Tapemasta, thanks for everything. Also shout out to Brandon, SOUL, 238, My Man Andy, Olskool, DJMarioka, DJPOS2, Step One, Ogbeez, Dutch, and TapeDiggers. You guys are keepin "Real Mixtapes" ALIVE!!!!

    PS: I'm not the best speller and my English is not the best but my words and very sincere, Thanks guys!