Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Chink ( Classic Mix V3 Rollerskate Edition )

Now we really going to take it to another level..Talk about real old school !! My fellow bloggers is going to luv this one..Shouts to Angie & believe me, we got you !! Old school is what we do !! How many of you remember Let's Get It Together by El Coco, Dreaming A Dream or Get Off by Foxy. This whole series took me back to when Fran Lover did his ol skool joint & peoople was rocking it for years.


  1. My muthafukin dawg! das what i'm talkin bout tapemasta!!!! You already know this is 5 stars!!!!!

  2. Yo Tape, this DJ Chink tape is crazy. I had to give my older brother a copy of thise because he kept bugging me to put it on his Ipod. Good looking out on these old school joins and all these tapes. Man, you are doing your thing up here and a wonderful service to the world. One Love

  3. Thanks fellas..Just trying to do my thing & show the people what i was rocking with back in the days...