Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mixtape Legend - S & S ( Old School V4 )

This time we're going on a mission right thru New York & show people what we was rocking back in the days. Whether it was a mistake or not. Talk about R & B with some slow jams on top. Just to make sure you still in that vibe..You can't me that today's mixtape dj'sdon't have this in their collection & if they say they don't..Then i say shame on you !! Once again, enjoy some classic shit & believe me, i'm on that good vibe right now..

Shoutout To: Dallas Green, The Legendary Showtime, Brucie B, Hollywood, Triple C, Redhanded, Technican, Kool Kirk, SML, Iroc, Jay Faire, S & S, Priiest, Doggtime, Rello, Jadel, Ike Love, Doo Wop, Fantasy, Ekim, Kid Capri, DS-1, Boo Tha Barba, Big Chew, Dimez, Hevehitta, Action Pac, Unexpected, Belly Bell, Lazy K...Here's what we grew up on & that's why it's one the most popular joints around..

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