Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mixtape Legend - The Legendary DJ Showtime - ( Love Jones for The Grown & Sexy )

Guess who's back..You know, i'm on that slow jam/r & b tip right now..For my people who's on that grown tip, this one is for you strictly classics on this one. Believe me, we got this covered once again for this weekend.
PS: Jada1212, i see you !!


  1. 5 Star Post Tapemasta!!!! This is what I'm talkin bout!

  2. How much I love the track 12: Rene & Angela's "Your smile". What a great R&B duet, one of the best R&B duets, IMO. :)

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  4. LOVE IT!!!
    My mom will too...

    Can I get a track listing too please??
    Thanks soo much :)