Sunday, May 17, 2009

Loyal 2 Da Game - Classic Mixtapes ( The Past )

What is considered a classic mixtape ?? I personally don't feel artist mixtapes should be considered a mixtape..honestly, it a poor version of an album..The labels won't mess with you unless you got a street buzz or a smash ring tone..Now with the mixtapes today, it's the same thing - give you a hot cover & 2 songs that everybody want & you got that so called hot mixtape or a crazy download. Years ago, i use to say why don't dj's use old school records ( do you know how much music was in the 90's )..Now everybody is doing ol skool mixtapes - check the websites & see what i'm talking..But anyway, here's my a part of my list - that i could rock today !! I got more to mention, but give me some current joints or old ones that could compete with these !! Remember alot of today's current mixtape dj's use to listen to old mixtapes..nuff said !! These are right off the top of my head - but i think you get the point !!

Chill Will - Masterpiece V2 & V3
Dirty Harry - Who's On Your Deck V1, V2 & V3, Hang Em High
Lazy K - The Village
Doo Wop - Live At Mecca, Tape V4, old school hip hop
Ron G - R & B V5
Dexterity - Hip Hop Reggae V6 ( Liquid Cocaine )
Mista Rello & Jadel - Still #1, Timeless, Old School
Doggtime - Flowin, Blend Factory, Doggtime Experience
Camilo - R & B 96
Dream Team - Best Of Queenbridge,
Mr Cee- The Whole R & B series
Bam Bam - Best Of the Mixes
Iroc - Master Mixes V5
Ez Elpee - R & B 3/94
Chubby Chubb - Love Dub & Going Way Back V1
LS One - Enjoy Yourself
S & S - Get Your Swer On
Stan Strong - Kickback V4 & Da NY Hittmen
Kid Capri - 52 Beats, tape live with S & S, Hollywood & others
Bad Boy Mixtapes feat dj's Clue, S & S, Stretch Armstrong, Doo Wop


  1. Yeah Tape, I can't stand those exclusive artist mixtapes. I can't listen to any of them. I like real DJ Mixtapes. That's a great list.

  2. Yeah them artist joints aren't mixtapes. I'd be lying if I didn't say I enjoyed some of them but they aren't mixtapes. As far as mixtapes today, they all trash. I mean what happened to the skills? Hell what happened to an exclusive freestyle, that gone too. Hosting, shit thats a thing of the past. and someone to do a cover and your a dj. Theres still a few out there doing it but it seems like the list srinks every year.

  3. So true fellas & some people realize what we're talking about..As long we keep going with our vibes the others will follow suit & that's what i think the dj's will see one day. Especially if you're a collector of mixtapes, then websites, torrents, & djs will respect the MIXTAPE again..

  4. Ron G - R&B V5? As in Mixes 5 or is that a different one?? Damn!

  5. Yes, it's a r & b tape !! No blends !!

  6. just gotta say that dirty harry is one of my favorite mixtape djs, ever - probably the best definition of a mixtape dj. neil armstrong's mixtapes are tuff, too.

    today, the mixtape game is sad, but i still keep up on it. the worst part is there are a dozen new mixtapes a week, but no new tracks... and the djs don't blend shit or have an inch of tablism skills. these new mixtape djs have one skill only: doing way too many drops on tapes, because they want hits on their myspace page.