Monday, April 27, 2009

Rapmullet/Pushin' Tapes/Mixtape Legend/Rated R ( Dedication )

Taken From :

This is what a freestyle mix tape should be. There's a lot of joints by rappers like Redman, Fat Joe, Big Daddy Kane, Lost Boyz, Mase, NAS..I keep telling people that I can do this forever & still be able to rock along with the so-called big boys of the current state of the mix tape game. I've never stated that I was the best at what I do, but give me my just due. But since certain people tried to take & copy what I started. I'm back with a stronger vibe & using exactly what made a lot of you dj's today. If you don't have that luv for the game, then you're in this for the wrong reason & it'll be seen sooner or later. But Rated R was doing his thing for a minute..Once you get this download, then listen to it..Maybe, you'll forget about Lil Wayne & listen to Smooth Da Hustler again.

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