Monday, April 27, 2009

Rapmullet/Pushin' Tapes/Mixtape DJ/Envy ( Live 98 Hosted by Splash )

Taken From

Time to give you something that you forgot about. I remember when everybody thought Clue & Envy was the same person. Man, I laughed for days on that one. Splash, I never got the t-shirts from you. I know Clue still can't be mad about the car. Anyway, I'm giving you something which the masses can say, damn son, did you remember that track. There's even 2 blends on this joint . How many of you remember 4, 3,2,1 rmx with Master P on it. Matter of fact, this was the time when The Lox was rocking the mixtapes & the airwaves. You know where to find me, let me know what's going on in the world of mix tapes. I'm like that drug dealer who supply the neighborhood..It's so good to be on top again !!


  1. Thanks a lot for your props, Tape. But you're the mixtapes master, I am just a humble student of yours. :)

    Yes, this Showtime mixtape is one of the best hip hop mixtapes I've got, no doubt. Very energetic and raw, just that gritty NY hip hop that I love so much.

    BTW, I've got the Ron G. "Flossin" mixtape in my blog, too, very good, too.

  2. That's what i'm talking about Marioka..we can all the same tastes in mixtapes & share them !!
    I'm just a collector of the tapes !!