Monday, April 20, 2009' Tapes/ Mixtape Legend DJ Camilo ( Old School Reggae V1 )

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This one is for the man called " BIG CHEW ", don't make no kids with this tape.
I know that people was going crazy for the other 2 joints ( R & B 96 & RB II ). So it made sense to drop this one on the masses. This mix tape can rock with either the Precise Old School Reggae tape or Arson's Booyaka tape. I would luv to go to a Camilo party & see him do what his mix tapes represent. But I would always rock his joints & let people know why I did. Believe me, you'll enjoy this joint. Keep those hands in the air & watch how people ask you where you got that from. You better keep on your computer or the ipod. I'm taking over the internet again..Remember I'm dropping mixtapes that you either forgot or can't get.


  1. I'm not a big reggae fan myself but when its done right like this one, WOW.

  2. Man, we about to change the game in a minute one more time..

  3. Dope!

    Thanks I've been looking for this for a while