Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rapmullet - Murder Of The Month ( March 2009 Murder of the Month...Part 2 )

Taken from Rapmullet:
We've never done this at Rapmullet, but there's a first time for everything. This is "Part II" of this month's murder. I'm gonna tell you what else is fucked up about this game. The majority of you dudes don't know how to communicate or network. Shout out to dudes like Dj G Spot, Termanology, Dj Statik Selektah, Dj Neil Armstrong and Dj 2Mello. These are dudes that I wouldn't say started on Rapmullet, but they damn sure repped hard for us in whatever they went on to do. I've looked at some of the blasts for some of the Dj's that would spend their days arguing about a review or damn near sleeping on our message board, but for some reason after they got the slightest bit of shine, they went on to mention every site that only fucked with them after we gave them that stamp of approval.I read some of the messages on the board and members talk shit about the "lurkers" and how Rapmullet caters to dudes who never say shit, but when Dj Drama got his article in New York Times Magazine, the writer emailed me and asked if she could follow me around for 2 days to see what really goes on in the mixtape industry. The reporter said when she asked Drama who would be a good source of information, he said "Rapmullet, if those dudes don't know, then its not real."So before people say they never see us shout those dudes out that put us on, let me give a little roll call. Shout to Green Lantern, Kay Slay (even though dude threatened to fuck me up at 3 in the morning and came by my spot), Clinton Sparks & Daouda (I appreciated the look on the radio show), King Apex & Tapemasta (we thought we was doing something different until you guys came along), Secret Squirrel (dog, I got degrees, but you taught me business), and all the others that have done their best to make sure that Rapmullet gets the credit that we deserve, for what we do for this community.

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