Thursday, April 2, 2009

Promotional Use Only - V2

I just wanted to thank everybody that's been showing the blog luv & believe me, i'm not going to stop anytime soon..I got about 25 joints to drop on everybody this weekend & this time, we're touching all areas of the mixtape game with the drops..Sometimes, i think on how to change the game & what makes sense..But now, i see that we need to get those real mixtapes out there again..shouts to S.O.U.L., Ol Skool, DJ G Spot, DJ Bus, Brandan, Marioka, Pos2, Gildog, Dj Soul, DJ Mars, Hevehitta, Dimez, Chew, Chivato, Omega, Smooth Denali, DJ Bee, DJ Books, Bzrwon, Iroc, Ron G, Doo Wop, Mike Nice, The Legendary Showtime, Brucie B, Jay Faire, Tytanic & once again thanks to everybody else for showing Classic Mixtapes luv. I'm here now & not going anywhere !

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