Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rapmullet/Pushin' Tapes - Mister Cee ( That Mister Cee R & B Sh*t V1 & V2 )

One of my recent releases from

Now I'm going to show you why people like E-Kim, Arson, Action PAC & others will continue to make the mix tapes among the masses today. Mr Cee had different series when it came to r & b ( R & B Buttas, Blazing R & B, R & B Shit ) & he even did best of's, Hip Hop. Which shows you that he was that all around dj & we needed that among the masses right now. This one was considered a smooth & relaxing tape, which you could say the adults would rock all day long. My favorite mix on this tape was " Be Happy by Mary J Blige feat Keith Murray & Greg Nice ". Cee should come back to the mix tape game & he's one of the few dj's that could do both radio & mix tapes. Download these mixtapes & give it to Aunt Rose. I'm even going to do the 2 for 1 & let you see what I really do !! Remember I'm doing just as good as your favorite mix tape dj right now.


  1. Props on that Mister Cee stuff. Just in time for the summer !!!!! :)


  2. Thanks a lot for these Mister Cee joints. One of my all-time favourite DJ's. :)