Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mixtape Legend - The Legendary DJ Showtime - ( Mortal Kombat )

I got to shout out the man Dj Marioka ( http://djmarioka.blogspot.com/ ) for dropping this joint. This was one of my favorite joints back in the days. J Mo Ice aka The Legendary Showtime is a friend & one of the most coolest dudes on the planet..Once again props to Marioka for this one & believe me straight hip hop..Matter of fact, Show just did a best of Big L with Mike Nice..check for it. Also check for his slow jams series - classic shit !! Matter of fact, i'm going to drop on you !!


  1. Thanks a lot, Tapemasta. This tape is one of the best classic hip hop mixtapes I've ever heard.
    The sound is the old boom bap, raw & gritty hip hop of New York, and the mix is incredible.

    PS: Do you have anything else of Boo Tha Barba?. :)


  2. Yes, i got some more joints..I'm working on another which is taking up some of my time now.
    But i'll put some up of him soon..I got you !!

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