Monday, April 13, 2009

Grown & Sexy V1 - DJ J Period ( The Best Of The Isley Brothers )

Me & my sister ( NASBooks ) was talking about how we use to rock the old music back in the days with our mother on saturday morning's back in the days. Then i remembered about this mixtape by J Period. So you know how i do when it comes to mixtapes..I do my best with sharing the real music & what it means to an entire nation of listeners. Big Daddy Kane said it best, 3 generations rocked the Isley Brothers & believe me, this mixtape has rocked among the best & i'm bringing it to you !! Check the pic with me & J Period..we really live this mixtape shit ( believe me, i'm broke as ). My ol skool fellow bloggers is going to enjoy this mixtape & watch how the net is going to react to it coming out again.

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