Monday, March 16, 2009

The Vault - DJ Chink ( Party Mode - R & B For The Grown & Sexy )

If you enjoy the two E-Kim's releases from me..then this one should have you on the party vibe for quite the moment..Gildog, i got something special coming for you on Thursday/Friday..But hold on to these releases that i'm dropping because this week we going all the way to the top with some classic drops..


  1. yo Tapemasta, what year this came out? is it a straight up r&b tape?
    im curious about this one! holla back son!

    and my mans hit me up with more stuff that i will be gettin tommarow! so be on the lookout!
    we goin back 2 back like Ghost & Rae on these cats!

  2. Straight r & b...This came out like 2 or 3 years ago..It has the r & b joints on it like wifey, just in case & some other songs...

  3. Can't wait my dude! My hard drive is full, gotta reload, Preaciate all the work.