Monday, March 2, 2009

Rapmullet ( Pushin Tapes ) - Clue - Winter 1

Pushin' Tapes with Tapemasta...DJ Clue - Winter 1 - Somethin' From The Radio
By Big Chew on March 1, 2009 9:41 PM 2 Comments

You know how people say Clue is rocking the I figured that maybe I could show you what he did in the past & then maybe people will recognize some of the same format today.
I've been able to jump with different stuff for years & still be able to be consistent with my peers to today. My vacation was good & now I'm able to bring a lot of different joints on the masses. Hey Clue, I got your first mixtape & believe me, only a chosen few know which tape it was. But now, when was the last time you heard a blend or a hot freestyle on a clue tape. Make you wonder ?? Anyway, on this tape you get some blends & it shows you what Clue was trying to do & compete with other mixtape dj's at the time...Enjoy this one until I drop that ol school hip hop or hip hop reggae by Clue..See Ya !!

Side A

Side B

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