Monday, March 2, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Testimonial ( Rakim & NAS )

Now what can you say about the way you get to hear 2 of the greatest lyricists on the mic..Then you have the bouncemasta bringing it to you..I'm sure this mixtape slip thru the cracks of the internet world..But now, you can upload it to the other collection of yours or just drop it on the ipod for total rotation..When you salute the gods, remember how hip hop use to be & then see what you're listening to now..Sometimes, it should make you wonder on life of hip hop.

Once again, enjoy a bit of the past & see what the present can bring to the masses worldwide. DJ Marioka, Ol Skool, SOUL, Brandan & DJPOS2, i got some real r & b coming for you next !!


  1. You must've been reading my mind I got a tote with a lot of my 2000 and up mixtapes in it and I seen this one and said I should post it since it's Doo Wop but here you have it!!Ha!Ha!

  2. Man, we got stuff for days...too many good releases for the blog heads...