Monday, March 9, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Kay Slay & Big Mike ( Unfinished Business - We Are The Champions )

Check this out !! If Brandan ( Recognize The Real ) was dropping all the Clue joints, then it's only right if i drop all the Kay Slay releases on you..These two guys could of been like the hardest team on the mixtape circuit & that was even worldwide..Their mixtapes made history & believe me people still talk about them today..So if you want hip hop, i got that for you & it's the 2 for 5 special !!


  1. You gone beserk Tapemasta ha!Ha! Yeah that Kay Slay thing was crazy I transitioned into Kay Slay joints immediately!! The Kay Slay Clue thing reminds me of the Ja and 50 thing Kay Slay took Clue out then did what he did!! I got nothing but respect for all these cats but now that I look at it I never seen Kay Slay on the 1's and 2's puttin in real work always posing for a photo shot or something, he isn't the only one a lot of those cats from that mixtape era are suspect on the wheels of steel!!I guess that's why them classics are so memorable because you hear DJ's puttin in work 4 real!! By that time it was nothing but the exclusive, beef and drama, and unsigned hype, but the DJ skills were gone!!!

  2. So true & that's why we got to bring it back to those days..That's why i started Pushin' Tapes on Rapmullet..I had got tired of the ipod djs..