Monday, March 2, 2009

Mixtape Madness - H N I C V1 ( Prodigy )

Once again, i'm back with some more hip hop that the masses seem to forget about. I like to thank all those blogs who downloaded the Murda Mixtapes ( Stretch & Whoo Kid ). Remember i can keep this up forever & that's because back then mixtapes was coming out everyday..Today, there seems to be a shortage of hip hop & the result is those stupid mixtapes..Good thing, alot of the mixtape dj's from the past was doing their thing & now you get to see & hear it..


  1. Yeah this one too I had to have this one!! I think this came out right before his solo released. Which was highly underated in my opinion! Prodigy was on fire at that time!!!

  2. Exactly & people need to know...