Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mixtape Madness - DJ Supreme ( Far Rockaway )

As you see, i'm on that r & b shit right now..So if you know about the 90's mixtapes then i'm sure you seen one of Supreme mixtapes..if not, then let me drop some info on you then..This dude use to drop like 5 mixtapes every week ( i'm sure you see the Quad mixtapes on Mobb Deep, Tupac, Biggie ) - he did it !! His r & b joints was classic on the streets of NY & believe me, the dj's was asking who's this kid from Far Rockaway, Queens ( NY )..He was dropping alot of remixes on his tapes & people was saying " Let's check this dude out "..Then i heard he moved down south & nobody seen mixtapes of his anymore..but you know, i had to drop a double joint on you !!
Once again, Marioka, SOUL & Ol Skool this one is for ya !! To my blog brothers, i got some good hip hop for you coming next !!


  1. All I have to say is Wow latley Tapemasta!

    Do you have any Shazam X - Best of mixtapes?
    or Justo - Mixtape Allstars Double Cassette?

    Keep dropping lessons!

  2. This is real R&B flava of the mid 90's, no doubt. I heard about DJ Supreme of Far Rockaway, too, in fact I think he's frind of mine in Myspace. But I didn't know that he could throw up 5 mixtapes in a week.. it should be a paradise, a mixtape paradise... xDD

  3. Yes, i still have the Justo's somewhere..I have to look for them..I should have kept them somewhere that i would remember since i'm on the board for the mixtape awards...

    Yes, i got some joints from Shazam X somewhere also...

  4. Tapemasta, give them rewards to all the legends there. I'd like to live in NYC, and go to these famous awards. Justo R.I.P. I have a DVD of Justo and the mixtape legends that I bought some years ago, I could upload some chapter in my blog.

    I'd like to listen more Grandmaster V.I.C. mixtapes, for example. I heard that he was pioneer in the blends mixtapes.. It's incredible, most of the DJ's were of Queens, right?.

    NYC, if this city wouldn't exist, there would must be invented. It's the perfect city, I love it, all the 5 boroughs!! And Jersey, Connecticut, and Strong Island, too, no doubt.

  5. I got you Marioka..He ( Vic ) was one of those dudes from Queens where he was doing his thing.
    Nobody really knew about Dirty Harry, but they talked about was Grandmaster Vic, Doggtime, Ike Love...Clue & Envy came later on..I can't lie though Manhattan & Bronx had the mixtape game on lock, then came Queens, then Brooklyn..lol..The other states came later on once everybody got hooked..some of the dj's from the 90's moved to the states of CT, RI, etc..