Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mixtape Madness - DJ Kurupt ( R & B Blendz V32 )

Here's another one for the internet people to check out !! Nothing but classic after classic..remember we can keep doing this over & over again..As you know, i got nothing but respect for the Mixtape Bandits ( SOUL, Marioka, Andyman, Bzrwon, Chivato, Todd1, Brandon, Gildog, Pos2, Hevehitta )..Let's go !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5GU14EEB


  1. No doubt, No doubt!! The R&B classic joints never die, and they're mixed of multiple ways, but the soul essence remains for me, and everything's good and nice. :)

    I really love blends, they're a marvelous genre.

    Thanks, Tapemasta.

  2. Tapmasta, I'm wit you my dude. I was part of the 90's crew that would go and spend $10.00 on those mixtapes week after week. I remember when cd's came and I thought these tapes were worthless. Now I see they are PRICLESS!!!! I wish I was smarter, and kept those tapes. But all is not lost, SOUL, Marioka, Andyman, Bzrwon, Chivato, Todd1, Brandon, Pos2, Hevehitta
    keep "Pushin Tapes"!!!! Peace gildog.

  3. Man o man you gotta slow down man i can't keep up :-) Thanx for all these classics

  4. i'm really digging the classic flava.. keep doing ya thing