Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mixtape Madness - DJ Billy Bill ( It's Personal )

Well it's time to be back on that blend level & what the time was like..For those who remember this dj, think about the time when blends was coming out every week..This joint was like a competition thing against a certain mixtape dj ( let see if you can guess )..But you know the fun part about this battle of the mixtape skills, these djs can talk about this today & laugh..Which makes the game so unique & anything can happen, but i'm sure that you know when a good tape is for you !! Once again, listen to it & be the judge !! But you know that i continue looking & rocking those hard to find mixtapes !! See you on the next one..


  1. thanks for this .. keep blends alive

  2. No doubt..i've found some old Junior Tec, Craig G, Kool Kirk releases also !!!

  3. The blends are special, it's other level, no doubt. And I come back to really enjoy the R&B music, with these mixtapes, some songs I had forgotten them!! Thanks, Tapemasta.