Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel Feat Doggtime, Grandmaster Vic & Big Bill ( Ol Skool Blends V2 )

As you all know, i started the mixtape reviews ( Then start doing my thing with Dimez & Chew of ) years ago with King Apex on & believe me, i'm good right now !! I can drop mixtapes everyday & still be consistent on what i do with the blog..Alot of people miss these old mixtapes & believe me your favorite websites can't get them all..Henceforth, classicmixtapes & believe me, i enjoy doing this everyday - even if it's just one check this one out with Doggtime, Grandmaster Vic & Big Bill..


  1. It could be the Queens Blends Mixtape DJ's!! :) I love this neighborhood, man.

    Thanks, Tapemasta.

  2. I'm bringing back the old school park jam mixes queens style, check out my you tube links. tonyo524o524


  3. ..can someone PLEASE help me find "Mista Rello's" hottest 16 volumes....I believe there are only 6 of them vol. 1,2,3,4,4.5,&5....please helpppp!...again "Mista Rello Hottest 16's and Verses"...PLEASE...(