Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mixtape Legends - Kayslay & Chill Will FTE ( Real Harlem Katz On The Rise )

So you want hip hop..Let's do some real hip hop & none of that pop hip hop that the record labels & radio want you to rock with right now..I can do this all day & stay be able to keep up with the trends of yesterday..Once again, i try to give you something you didn't know about or was on your radar..Henceforth DJ Kay Slay & DJ Chill Will FTE. Everybody wanted some Chill Will FTE Masterpieces, so i figured let me drop a hip hop on ya first !!


  1. DAMN YOU TAPEMASTA!!!! i was just listening to this the other day. my version is on tape because i sold the cd back in the day, so i dubbed it before i sold it. but this shows kayslays skills with his blends. if people think kayslay can't mix...peep this tape. he kills it. switches beats 4 times on one accapella.

    great post.


  2. Pos2, i'm trying to keep this mixtape stuff going..too many, BS joints out in the streets right now & i know that alot of people is checking the internet for these tapes..But i'm glad to know everybody in our clic now...