Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mixtape Legends - Craig G & Precise ( Top Floor 2000 )

I'm at it again & believe me, people will understand what i'm about to do in a minute..I'm one of the first person's to bring the Craig G 's Sneekin' Up On That Ass V1 & V2 to the internet on - so why not drop another joint..Don't worry, i'm doing DJ S & S's right now as you read this..So enjoy this one for now !!


  1. i used to have this mix but i lost it (actually i think my wife recorded over it, ha!) thanx for posting it. i remember not knowing this craig g was a different dude from the emcee. anyways sum reqs if you have them:
    doo wops- cool out music
    s&s- niggaz aint nice
    do you have rong - mixes v2,v4 or v6?
    any early juice r+b tapes maybe

    peace fam + good lookin' out for the music.


  2. Damn Tapemasta, Unlike the flavor unit you have flava for years not days! You keep blessin us with them classic mixtapes, hittin us in da head day after day... Thanks

  3. u turnin up the heat now Tapemasta! im just tryin to maintain the fort on my spot. i still have more joints to post! i still have those 50+ mixtapes i need to get converted before i post those. so im doin my part to hold it down.

    is this tape a blends tape or a straight up regular tape?

  4. Brandan, straight hip hop...Andyman, i'm just trying to keep up with everybody ( i'm like the new kid on the block ), redrum, i got to look for those, but most of the Juice r & b's are out on blogs now..

  5. I think I have this one too Tapemasta but I gotta take a look!! I agree with the rest man you're killing it!!!Good you are posting them tapes that nobody has!! I think we all are just about covering the territory here!! I never in a million years would have thought with the sh** load of tapes and CD's I have beleive it was more!! With the combined post of all of my affiliates they almost double or triple what I already have and believe me I have a lot!!!

  6. I hear you Ol Skool & believe me, i'm sure there's alot of people seeing that too..Hopefully we can save this culture of hip hop ( the dj needs to be here always )...

  7. we in it to win it Tapemasta & Olskool, we gonna save it! we are all doin our part!
    now we need to come together and form up like Voltron!