Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Kid Capri ( Live At The Roxy )

I was talking DJ Mars the other day about how the dj artform is dying because of the "IPOD" dj's & other things..I truly understand the upgrade of music & systems now..But if you can't rock a party then you're done !! I know for a fact that you got to have a certain skill to do a mixtape, rock a party, etc..So i figured that the only way to do it is just drop live party joints on the internet world now..So i seen my brother SOUL drop the Kid Capri old school, i figured that i could start this off with a Kid Capri party mixtape !!! The mixtape legend is back on the scene for the masses & i heard that he's coming back to drop some joints on us !!


  1. yo Tapemasta, i had to get this one! Kid Capri is my mans and all that. He ws the 1st DJ i seen period doin his thing. back in '92 on Def Comedy jam, i was mesmerized by his skills and i was only in the 5th grade!!

    i wonder what year this tape is from?

    yo man, as i see from the pics u posted u seen and been to alot of places. i wish i was able to get around like u did. im happy to be affiliated with a official cat like urself! and thats word up!

  2. Thanks Brandan, the party was from 1998. I really do go to parties & hang out..That's why i know alot about the mixtape djs..I got some more joints to drop & that should make the people go

  3. Thanks for this

    More Kid Capri Please!!!