Monday, March 2, 2009

Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( Going Way Back )

This was one of the most bootlegged mixtapes during the 90's & if you didn't get this back then ( i'm sure you know his signature drop )..I'm sure you picked it up during your run thru the mall..E-kim is considered one of those dudes who was running the r & b scene back then with Fran Lover, Kool Mike Ski, Doo Wop, Showtime, Craig G, LA Luv, Redhanded & others..Matter of fact, he's still doing mixtapes today & still rocking the parties worldwide..Google his name & see what you could pick up..I've been doing this for years & i know who was doing what on the scene..Don't let the internet fool you on who was doing their thing..I still feel that a dj should be able to make mixtapes, do radio, do parties, etc !!


  1. One of my favorites!!!! keep droppin heat. gildog

  2. man .......... i've listened to this a million times through out the years. Def one of my alltime favorites. I used to give out tons of copies of this cd for years.