Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( Power 8 )

Mr. Marioka, this one is for you & believe me i got you on this & more !! Here's one of the Queens dj's representives of the blend thing..DJ Doggtime !!


  1. Thanks a lot, man!!

    I never have enough Doggtime stuff, I love his blends. :)

    I'm listening to it right now, and it's classic Doggtime, soulful blends.

    BTW, I saw you in a video with DJ Green Lantern and DJ G. Brown, talking about mixtapes.

    Thanks a lot, Tapemasta. ;)

  2. yo Tapemasta, im feelin u on these Doggtyme joints. like i said, the only blends i like is old Ron G and old Doggtyme. thats it.....i guess u can throw in dj juice.

    but what year this tape came out? hopefully its before 2001.

  3. My dude, you can never have enough doggtyme. To me this was one of his better joints. Preciate this!!!!

  4. i'm a Doggtime fan, i been since like 93'. but for some reason this joint didn't really do it for me , nonetheless thanks for this.