Friday, March 13, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( 96: Year Of The Dog )

I'm not going to front..I enjoy doing this & believe me, it's fun being able to drop these mixtapes on my fellow bloggers..Last night ( March 12 @ Mixtape Honors ) i spoke with Superstar Jay, Dirty Harry, Love Dinero, Mark Xclusive, DJ Shay about the blends & why the public isn't feeling them no more ( these dudes want to make blends )..Henceforth, one of my first Doggtime mixtapes..Once agin, Marioka is going to go crazy about this one..The year is 1996 & we all need to keep it real !!


  1. Oh man, this is a paradise for me, a DJ Doggtime paradise, more exactly. This mixtape is really bananas!! Thanks a lot, DJ Doggtime is between my favourite mixtape DJ's, no doubt.

    And as you say, I don't know the reason why the blends are not so much appreciated nowadays, but I think it could be because the music is worse than the mid-90's. How many classics songs are there nowadays? No comments... The quantity and quality of the songs were so far better those years, therefore it's called the Golden Era..

    And Tapemasta, if you have more DJ Doggtime mixtapes, they will be always welcome, I think there are many people like this DJ. But I'm a great fan, really. :)

    PS: As I told you, I'm curious about Boo Tha Barba or Grandmaster Vic.

    I'll upload more Tony Touch mixtapes in my blog:, though.


  2. i too enjoy these types of mixtapes. i've been buyinng blend tapes since like 1989, and i still can't get enough.. thanks for keep them in rotation

  3. No doubt..the effect of blends has to come back..the exclusive game is somewhat falling off now..blogs like mine, Soul, Marioka, Brandan, ol Skool, Pos2, etc is bringing back that ol school feel which the game is missing right now