Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mixtape Legend - DJ Ted Smooth ( Classic Sounds )

Now if you know about Double R, then i'm sure you got something on Ted..He was doing his thing on the mixtape game also back in the days..Check for smooth mixes !! Something short to hear but you need to have this in your collection like i did..


  1. damn..
    in the mid 90s, eye knew this chick who had a mixtape she claimed was ted smooth. it was fresh, so of course, i copped a dubbed copy from her.
    fast forward to the new millennium and my house went on fire, and a lot of things were saved cuz it was just a lot of water damage. 2000+ cds were good except for the jackets, clothes were fine, but my tapes went down the drain. you can't salvage that when it gets drowned.
    dead ass, i can't even explain how tight i was.

    thru some weird coincidence, i got to meet ted's wifey around ?01-02-03. they got a beautiful 5 year old girl now. i've been bugging ted (politely) for years about that tape. he sez he's gonna master it and re-release it.

    last week, i did it again (asked him about it). of course, he said he's been hectic busy, but he said he'd hit me off with the 10th year anniversary to hold me down.

    he had one of his old school jams yesterday uptown in harlem, so i went up to rep. he gave me a 40 and stepped. of course i was thankful, but maaan i wanted that mixtape. lol

    i've really been bumping neil's bittersweet for years to hold me down.
    i have some of these double r joints etc that all bump similar joints, but i miss that mixtape. it must be the memories attached to it.

    thanks for keeping the memories alive!!