Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Brucie B ( Something For The People )

You know, i had to drop a Brucie B since DJ Mars did one on his blog..Now the time comes when we all can drop as many releases together & that's the fun part..Brucie B is still doing parties today & he's even watching over new groups ( The Real Pack- shout to Neight Nitty )..There's not too much to be said about Mr B, that you should already know..But i'll tell you that Brucie B was one of the first dudes to introduce Biggie to the world..Remember the lyrics - Ron G, Brucie B & Kid Capri..After that there's nothing to be said !! See ya on the next drop !! Opps, i forgot check the pics & see that i'm serious about this mixtape game !! Straight hip hop flava !!


  1. I've been listening to it, and it's really good!! I like a lot, many great songs, mixing skills and real flava!!

    Thanks again, Tapemasta. :)

  2. No doubt Marioka, i got some more joints to drop for the people...including Doggtime, Craig G, Juice, Kay Slay ( you'll be suprise on what i got )...

  3. I just got pissed today Tapemasta I went to a certain site I won't even mention that gave you props for this drop yet they changed the links, now what kind of crap is that?