Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mixtape 101 - Luv Bug Starski ( HomeWork V1 )

If you enjoyed part 2 & 3..then let me drop the 1st one on you !! As i said before this should be like a history lesson on what should make a mixtape move among the masses worldwide. Remember shelf live is better than 2 weeks of play & in the box it goes..Some dj's will understand what i'm saying, while others will let it goe over their heads & say some stupid shit. Anyway enjoy what you hear !!


  1. i hear you fam. i played my classic mixtapes and party tapes for years. i am putting up a busy bee joint tommorrow when dude was live at harlem world

  2. There's like 3 different version to that tape..
    But Busy Bee was the man back then..I got look for some unrelease material on him..