Monday, March 9, 2009

Loyal 2 Da Game V4 - Kay Slay & Kid Capri ( The Untouchables )

Now you can't tell me that you didn't think, i wasn't going to drop this on you !! That's just not possible..Kay Slay did joints with different djs all over the place & i'm going to show you who he was dropping them with..Now since Kid Capri is on this one, there's nothing to say !!


  1. yo Tapemasta, 3 of the kay slay joints u posted today i used to have those. but i gave them all away to a friend of mine about 2-3 years ago. i just got tired of kay slay after awhile and this was before my whole view of hip-hop changed.
    but if people out there still want these tapes, then i got to get these back from my friend cause i had plently of ones that he dropped from '02-'05. but i might try to see if i can get back the ones from '02-'03.
    keep doin it up bro!

  2. Believe me, the game need to know about who was doing what & why..

  3. I hear you Brandan I gave away a lot of tapes from around 05 on up myself and kept the ones I liked but there was so darn many!!Kay Slay tried the album thing and it didn't go well. I must admit I liked the way he commanded the game and was at one time the most consitent after Kay Slay I liked Big Mike for a minute got a lot of his stuff too the east coast mixtape secene was still poppin. Kay Slay also kept it gangster with his earlier tapes having conversations with gangsters and thugs. He got the real story on tapes from beef amongst artist cats was doing that then!! So it's safe to say he came with his own brand but his skills on the 1's and 2's hmmmm, none the less I can't front cause I got a sh** load of his stuff to show for the fact I liked what he ws doing!!

    Tapemasta I have or had just about all of these except this one!!Never knew he put it down with The tapemaster himself!!