Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Loyal 2 Da Game - DJ Bus ( 3/31/09 )

Now you get to see what i'm talking about..Tell me, what you think about these blends..Good or bad..we about to change the game !! One step at a time..things will change on the mixtape scene..we need to keep the dj theme going for a long time..Once again, tell me what you think..because we going to represent a new dj every 2 or 3 months here on Classic Mixtapes/Pushin' Tapes..Once again, let me introduce to you Atlanta's own DJ Bus !! http://www.zshare.net/download/58004539f44ed387/

Pushin Tapes - DJ Mars ( I Luv NY )

Now this should be on total rotation on your ipods or computers..Mars is my brother in crime & he knows what NY feel when it comes to music..If you think, i'm lying - ask him about the sheepskin coat ( Daniels Leather II )..I still laugh about that scene in the store..Pure ol skool days, when you got that last summer check before school & you needed to get that fly leather coat with the 69ers sneakers..Oh yeah, i'm strictly ol skool !! Mars, I need to get a full 120 minute of music like this !! You know how we do here at Classic Mixtapes/Pushin Tapes...Dj's get at me - we might start a monthly thing like thing..Strictly ol skool music, nothing before 2000.
I'm hyped now..Let's go Mars !!! http://www.mediafire.com/?okzmdcjlzth

Pushin' Tapes - Whoo Kid ( The Kid With The Golden Arm V2 )

Here's part 2 & you know, i like to be able to drop different joints on the "net"..also the track listing is longer than the current mixtapes done by Whoo Kid..So enjoy the sounds of Prodigy, Shyne, Nature & others..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1W9JRXKD

Mixtape Madness - King Smij ( SSShh V17 Hosted by Big Daddy Kane )

This was done recently, but you know how i do..The songs on here is classic & believe me, my fellow bloggers is going to enjoy it..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NBO5CJ10

Pushin' Tapes - Whoo Kid ( The Kid With The Golden Arm V1 )

As the world turns over & over again..You know, i had to drop these on the internet again..If you was into that raw hip hop..Then get use to what i'm about to drop on you..Sometimes, i go back just to make sure everything is ok..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=50TBZUJ1

Mixtape Madness - DJ Big Hype - ( R & B Throwbacks V2 )

I'm back on that r & b tip again..Just straight music & believe me, you get to enjoy the music..not just something that you made from itunes ( same artists, back to back from the same artist, no real turntable skills ), which for some reason alot of today's mixtape dj's are doing on their mixtapes now..see the difference !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8KDN36AD

Mixtape Legends - Luv Bug Starski & Hollywood ( The Veterans Live V1 & V2 )

I think everybody knows i'm on the party tip..This one was one of my favorite joints & now you get to see what these dudes was doing at the clubs live..2 living legends on the turntables doing their thing..the fun part, there's 2 parts !!

Mixtape 101 - Luv Bug Starski ( Eclispe )

Since everybody was enjoying the Homework series..I figured on dropping some more Luv Bug on you..It's another r & b joint for you !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KIUWRG5J

Mixtape Madness - Kool Kirk ( Blendamatic )

You know, i can drop joints that alot of people don't even remember or seen..Which makes this all good..I rather have you saying, damn i remember that tape or cd..Straight up, today's music is weak..Now you get something that you can rock all the way. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VR0R7VK3

Mixtape Legend - Lazy K ( Some Of That R & B SSSHH )

See you know when mixtapes start being good, when you hear blends, scratching, etc..Today's mixtapes started being bland & that made you the listener weak..Sometimes, you need that push & see why you enjoyed that mixtape..So for my r & b listeners, this mixtape is for you. Enjoy what you hear & watch what i drop next..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SS7SL34H

Mixtape Legend - Da Original Precise ( Analyze That )

If you know or rocked Craig G joints, then i'm sure you know about Precise mixes..The man was known for doing fire on the mixtapes that made Craig G famous..Even P Nice did his thing with Craig G..Now let me introduce the musical side of Precise..The man was soooo good with his mixes, that the old to new reggae mixtape that he did was bootlegged for years & probably still being pushed out in the world of hip hop. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7MO1QQ5S

Mixtape Legend - Ron G ( Ride Or Die )

Now you get to hear hip hop from Ron G & see why he kept the masses on their toes..He can still keep up with the current dj's that drop mixtapes..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3EC1988K

Mixtape Legend - Doo Wop ( Doowuizm V2 )

Here's the 2nd installment to a classic mixtape, which i'm sure people knew for years..The fun part is that he even did blends on it..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4RXFQLXZ

Mixtape Legend - Doo Wop ( Doowuizm V1 )

This probably was already out on the net, so you know how i do..i just put it back out again on the net..The 90's was the real explosion of hip hop & now you get to see it all over again..props to the masses that respect the game & see why we do this on the blogs worldwide..

Mixtape Legend - Silva Sir-Fa ( Clash Of The Titans Blends )

This one is something for the true grown & sexy..If you can rock the Motown sounds then this drop is for you..Me & Sirfa, talked about him doing some different projects & came up with the Clash Of The Titans series..which was very popular among the older people..So play this one at the family bbq this summer & watch the props you get from the people..

Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( Club Bangers Hosted By Will Traxx )

This joint is a current one for the masses to hear..I'm a party dude & now you get to see why history didn't give the respect that he deserve..Enjoy the sounds !!

Mixtape Legends - Double R & DJ Rei ( V22 & V25 )

My brother S.O.U.L. at ( www.thaoriginalhiphop.blogspot.com ) has been dropping the Double R joint on you lately..I found this in a box & said let me drop it on the people..it's 2 different parts of each tape that Double R dropped a few years ago..so from me to you !! ENJOY !!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( Paper Chase 2001 )

For all those blends fans..here's another drop for you & the game has been changed for the better. Sometime we need to remember those dj's who made an impact in the game, so you know i had to continue dropping doggtime releases on you..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=534JRLA6

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( Rello's Birthday )

Once again, there's nothing to say..Just enjoy it & believe me, there's more to come !! Just think of Thanksgiving coming early in the hood..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C25C9C2R

Mixtape Madness - DJ Alemo ( Reminisce )

As you know by now, i'm on that r & b shit..So you can expect to hear that 90's era with a twist..These dj's have different ways of dropping their tapes on the public back then. So if you jumped on that Seduction mixtape by Danny S, then you need to add this to your collection because Danny S didn't do that mixtape by himself..Alemo was there also !!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Promotional Use Only

Here's only a sample of what i got over the years..i started putting my tapes into a list years ago & i never finished..I got more ( which include more tapes, cds & mini discs ) & i should of put it all on paper, but i didn't..Here's a taste of the collection...enjoy !!! Imagine seeing all of this & then saying damn tape !! Don't worry, i hear it all the time..But to my fellow bloggers thanks for doing what you do & believe me, there's a whole lot more stuff coming...You can email me @ tapemasta2@yahoo.com for more info on tapes or cds ( props to NASbooks, S.O.U.L, Brandan, Todd1, Ol Skool, Hevehitta, Unexpected, Jay Faire, Sommer, B Mack, Gildog1, Billy Bill, Andyman, DJ Marioka, Doo Wop, Legendary Showtime, Doggtime, Rello, Lazy K, Brucie B, Rob E Rob & everybody else i forgot )..But you know the fun part of all this, the whole list is "tapes".

1200 Assassin – Ol School R & B, Summer 1994, RTD
Action PAC – Coolout V6, Reminisce, R & B/Hip Hop Swing V1 Afrika Bambaataa – Zulu Nation @ Printing HS ( Busy Bee, DJ AJ, Jazzy 5 MC’s, Mr Magic & others ) , Live @ Harlem World ( Cold Crush vs Fantastic 5, DST
Al Nitty – Old School R & BArson – S O B 6/96, Slow Jams 10/96, MHA, Mo’s Ho’s & 3, Slow Ya Row V3, Hardcore V6, R & B V7
Bam Bam – Hip Hop Reggae V9 5/96
Backtrack – Doggystyle V1
Batts – Old School
Big Bill Adventure – Summer Of 96, 1/97, 6/97
Billy Bill – Blend Kingdom I & II, Back In Ak !!
Biz Markie – Biz’s Theory Of Old School R & B V1, Live At The Q Club 5/94
Brucie B – Ol School R & B, hip hop tape, Final Four ( Brucie B, Kid Capri, S & S & Red Alert ) 5/95, Live, 9/7, Live At The Club With Triple C, 8/6, Live, Ol Skool Hip Hop, Rooftop 1986 feat Sweet T, Biz & Kane, Spring I & II, R & B Flava 10/95, Live At Mo Better 6/96
Buckwild – 2/94, Tape #10, X-Mas
C Rock – R & B Blends Mix 1
Camillo – R & B 96
Capone – Party Time, Blends V3 7/96, BlendsV10
Clue – 8/15, Bad Boy Mixtape, Summer Shoot Out, Hip Hop Reggae V2, Springtyme Stickup V2, Tape 4 5 6, Spring V2 6/96, Springtyme Stick Up V3 5/95, Summer Jam ( MC Drama ), Halloween Hold Up, Birthday, Double Flava, Hip Hop 96, Winter 1 – Somethin From The Radio, Hip Hop Reggae V13 9/94, Back To School, R & B For The Ladies
Chill Will – Old School R & B/Reggae V1 3/96, V7, Masterpiece V2, Masterpiece V3, Masterpiece 8 ½ 6/95, Tape V3
Chubby Chubb – LAD, Going Way Back, School’s In Session 95, Eat That Shit Up
Classic Battle Tape 1983 feat Force MD’s Vs Master Don
Cool Kev – R & B V8, Coolout V1, Everything V6
Craig G – Sneekin’ Up On That Ass V1 & V2, Fu*c Tape V7, Slow Jams V8 ( Do U Remember ), Hot Like Fire R & B Feat Precise & P Nice, R & B For The Ladies V2
Crash Crew Live
Cutmaster C – Fool’s Paradise, Wanted Alive 1,000.00 Reward
D Demo – Reggae Blast V1, 1/6 ( 60 minute tape )
DS-1 – It’s Not A Game
Dave O – R & B 4 Da Head Rollers V2 & V3, S.A.M V2 12/95, Blends V4
Dee Wiz – Funky Fresh Park Jams Hosted by Luv Bug Starski
Doggtime – 40’s, Feel Me Flow, It’s Still Butta Baby, It’s So Hot, 8/17, 21, Everybody Knows 4/96
Doo Wop – NT, Live At Club Mecca, Bad Boy Tape V2, Ol Skool 1/4/91, With S & S Live 3/30/91, Summer 94, Coolout, Summer Jams 96, X-Mas Jams 93, X-Mas, Spring V2, Fall Flava, Summer Jam, Virginia, 95 Live, Summer Jam, Ol Skool 6/14, Coolout 94, Ol Skool 5/1, Wopduizm2
Dirty Harry – Dirty Luv Hosted by Angie Martinez
Dr Duss & Jazzy G – GR V2, GR V4
Double R – Tape V9, Tape V10, Tape V11, Tape 12, Tape V13, Tape V14, Tape V15, Tape V16, Tape 17, Tape V19, Tape V21
E Bros – Summer V3 5/95, Flava In Your Ear 3/95, 8/94, Ol Skool V3 9/10, Ol Skool V7, Mixes #3, Greatest Mixes 3/95, Ol Skool V2 7/15, 11/20, 10/10, 8/18/93, Ol Skool V1 6/8
E Kim – R & B V2, R & B V4 6/95, H2TC V1 5/96, R & B Madness, Ol Skool II, ST V5
Elpee – The Bomb 11/5, Tape 10
Enuff – Ol School Hip Hop, R N B Classics, Party Groove, Hip Hop Tape
Envy – Trick Or Treat, R & B V18
EV & Stretch Armstrong – Strictly Hip HopExtreme – Unbelievable IV 12/95, New Flava Reggae
Father Ramzee – FC
Fashion – Mix V4
Feed Back – V25, V1
Funkmaster Flex – Live with Biz ( Live @ Tavern On The Green ) 6/15/94, Live At Planet Rock V1 & V2, Live At The Tunnel with The Dream Team
G Force – Tape V19 Hip Hop Reggae
G Smooth – 10/96, Phat 2 The Max V6 & V7, Tape V1
Grand Master Vic – Old School R & B Blends 7/16/96, Old School R & B Mid 80’s 9/18/95, 4/25/96, 10/05/95, 12/16/96, 9/26/96, 8/8/96, 10/12/96, 8/22/97, 9/84, 6/7/95, 6/97, 10/14/95, 3/13/95
Harlem World 1981 -1982
Hectic – Tape 1
Hec Lover – Old School Flava Tape 8
Hollywood Prod – Polytrickin’, 10.1, 5/97 Blends, Keep It Movin’, 9/94, Tape 3, Coolout 93, SNS, Hip Hop
Iroc – Hip Hop 8/1, Mixes 6, Mixes 2, 560 ( Fat Joe )
J Love – Legends V2 ( Slick Rick )
JOJ – Hip Hop
Jazzy Joyce – Ol School V2, Summer Jams 6/95
Jay Faire – Jiggy Blends V6, Waikiki, Blends 5
Juice – Ol Flava V1, Ol Flava V2, Tape 16, Tape 23, Tape 22, Tape V31, Tape V32
KB Smooth – Tape #2
KDL – Tape V16, Tape V20, Tape 23
Kay Slay – Player Hater Elimators “ Street Sweepers “, Hip Hop Tape With Capone
Kid Capri – Starchild 5/19, Slow Jams 9/11, James Brown, 8/89, Old School V1, V3, 52 Beats, 9/4, Slow Jams 12/21, 5/9, Q Club 3/6, 10/90
Kid Nice – Spanish Mixes V3, Mixes V9 ( Back To School Jam ), SS
Kool Kid – No Static 11/95, Checkmate, Tape V3, Hip Hop, AATB, Straight Monopoly V2, PU Date
Kool Mike Ski – Old School V2, Bump & Grind II, Birthday Flava 1995, Coolout V5 10/95, Heatwave 95
Kool Kirk – Hip Hop V2 11/96, Ol School Flava V2, SM2, 4/94
LA Luv – 10/18/95, R & B V4, King Of NY, Live At The Key V4, 4th Anniversary, Slow Jams V6
Lazy K – Nonsenze V3 ( Take It Personal ), Lazy Style Old School, Nonsense Party Time #3 V24, NYC 2 NJ
Lord Dakim – New Taste V9 (Hip Hop & R N B Blends)
Luv Bug Starski – Rap 9.1, Flava V1, Slow Jams ( Sports Bar ), X-Mas Flava, Ski Trip Tape 1 ( Live ), Ol Skool R & B V2 5/95, R & B 11/1, Brucie B & Ron G ( Live ), Ol Gold Classics, Oldies But Goodies V2
Mack D – R & B V2, Summertime V2
Mike Nice – KS, Stick & Move V1, 8/14, Coolout V1
Mistic – Blends Summer 1996
Mister Cee – That Mr Cee Freestyle Shit, That r n b Shit V1, V2, V3, Wendy Williams Birthday ( Luv Bug On The Mic ), Best Of Method Man, R & B Buttas V2, Old School Hip Hop ( 120 minutes of Music )
Mista Rello & Jadel – Timeless V2 feat Doggtime & Dirty Harry
Nyce & Nasty – Put It On
P Nice – 6/96, SMS, AATB, 2/94RC – Flavor Shit V3
Rampage – Tape 9 8/94, Massacre, The Shinning
Rated R – Risin’ To The Top, Disconnected V2Red Handed – Surprise 4/15
Reminisce – Tape I & II
Rhythm – Birthday, 10/94
Rich E Rich – The Battle
Ron G – Mixes V1, V2, V3, V 4, V5, V6, V7, V8, V9, V10, V 11, V12, V14, BTTS V1 & V2, R & B V3, V5, Beat Kingdom, Old School, Old School V1, It’s On V2, Real Deal, Triple C 5/96, Fantasy, Virgina, Waterbed Forever, Worldwide, Off The Hook, Pententiary
S & S – Niggaz Ain’t Nice, Bad Boy V4
SML – R & B V7, Coolout V4, Live At The Lab 10/95
Scian Smooth – Best Of Brand Nubian
Scipio – Thugs Connect, Talk Show SHH, Secret Love
Showtime – 1/94, Old School V4, Old School Hip Hop & R N B, Summer 1996, R & B 24/7 6/95, OS I Slow Jams Classics, Ol Skool VIII
Silva Sir-Fa – Tape 13
Sound Factory – Old School V3
Smooth D – The Return
Supreme ( Far Rockaway ) – Slow V7, Slow R & B, R & B 13, Pepperseed Reggae, Blends 7/95, R & B 10/94, Hip Hop VI ( rated X ), Blends 10/94, Hip Hop V7 Blends 9/95, Hip Hop 1996 3/96, Slow Jams V4 9/95, Blazed Out, Quiet Zone V8Super Sam – BTS 9/94, Mixes V4, Mix 5
Super V – Old School Blends ( Hip Hop & R N B ), Straight Up & Down w/ Quicksilva
Tec 1 – House V1, Coolout V1, Mixes V9 ( Summer Blow Up 95 )
TDK – Mortal Kombat V3, Slow Jammin’, It’s The New Flava For The Fall 94, Power Play V2 ( R Kelly ), Partytime, Rated X
Technican – Slow School V1, 10/25, Turn It Up
Triple C – Old School R & B

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( The Doggtime Experience )

You know, i'm on that blend shit again..The new generation refuse to accept blends on their ipods, etc..So i get to flood the net with blends all day..Here's another one by the people's choice on the blogs..Let introduce doggtime to you !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EMFF01XJ

Mixtape Legend - Doo Wop ( Welcome To NYC )

Since the Andyman talked about NYC..I figured why not drop a NYC mixtape & this one came to me right away..As you see, i got alot of favorite mixtape djs & Doo Wop is one of my top choices. Henceforth the way mixtapes should be done..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1B0SV03D

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( The Formula )

There's nothing to be said about this release..All i can say is BLENDMASTERS !! Sit back & relax, i got you covered for the entire weekend !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BTJTJYP5

Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( R & B V7 )

It's like christmas in the summer & now i'm going to show you what's the difference between my blog & certain websites that try to put mixtapes on you..My releases keep us moving for years to come & make you see why mixtapes have to be a staple in your life..You know where to send the checks to !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UZGGVMLC

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel ( Slow Motion )

Now i got to slow it down for you..My sister ( Nasbooks ) told me drop something different & i thought what could i do..So i dug into the catalog & pulled out a slow jam blend tape by Rello & Jadel..See i can drop all kinds of mixtapes on the net & watch the people say damn tape !! Both of these dj's can tell you that i respect what both of them did for the mixtape game..Believe me, i enjoy rocking mixtapes all day & i don't even own a radio & haven't listen to the radio since the Chuck Chillout, Red Alert, Marly Marl days..

Mixtape Madness - LA Luv ( R & B V8 )

I'm on the roll now & we can keep the real mixtapes alive !! You can drop hip hop forever & i'll always sneak in something which you didn't know existed..Shout out to Dimez, Big Chew & Flex of www.rapmullet.com my brothers in crime on the internet !! LA Luv made some hot mixtapes for years & people need to see what's going on..jump on the download & see what made alot of my releases popular again..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y0ADTVT1

Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( R & B 2002 The Heat )

We keep things going on over here & now the "net" know what's really happening now & let's say some people can realize what makes the mixtapes pop..South Bronx made the mixtapes pop & the lady Sandy ( Nino & Mike ) keep the dream alive..even Keith ( Ness Sportswear ) was dropping those Queens DJ's mixtapes..How many of you remember mixtapes with just the dates on them without a playlist..Now that's what made mixtapes popular & you knew that dj was going to drop fire on you..So enjoy what E-Kim is doing !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=58FO4VGK

Mixtape Madness - DJ Billy Bill ( Unknown Flava V2 )

We keep stuff going & going !! I'm like the store you never seen, but you know they got that good stuff..This time im giving you that NC dude who keep his version of blends alive..If you seen that dvd with all the dj's then i know you're going to download this mixtape & for those websites & blogs that download my releases & put them on your site/blogs..Give credit where you got it from because i know what you doing because i got the ip numbers..lol..So enough, of the small talk..you know what to do !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7QZLAPZ7

Mixtape Legend - DJ Boo Tha Barber ( Tape V19 )

I'm on that Queens thing for a minute !! People seem to remember these times that's what make mixtapes soooo unique..Today's mixtape might be put into that compactor room of your building. Matter of fact, today's dj's keep these classic mixtapes alive - by dropping their mixtapes every week..That's my inside joke for the day !! Enjoy Boo Tha Barber sounds & try to get some of his releases & see what made him great !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5I8FNMJ2

Mixtape 101 - Grandmaster Vic 4/94

I'm on it again..Believe me, this weekend will be remembered for these drops..The world of information is bringing you something special everyday & i'm trying to keep up on what i do in magazines, internet, etc..So here's another one for you..nuff said !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M61VNXRC

Mixtape Legend - Doo Wop ( Coolout 94 )

I don't remember if this was out already, i'm trying to bring out the dj's that was on the dvd ( Mr Freeze 12th Anniversary ) & it's like a celebration for me because i've tried to get real dj's to the front & leave the others behind..Enjoy the sounds of the bouncemaster & remember these guys actually loved what they did & you can hear it in their mixtapes..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YFI5HSSQ

Mixtape Legend - DJ JUICE ( Mary J Blige - Da Past, Da Present & Da Future )

Man, it feel good right about now..Imagine hearing people respect what you do & then see the "luv"..Henceforth the queen of r & b & you have Juice bringing you what he does on a mixtape, enjoy it people !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y49IK8HA

Mixtape 101 - Brucie B ( Live 8/94 )

Remember when you see these dj's salute them & respect where they came from..because without them today's djs couldn't do or did what they accomplished..Imagine if Hollywood, Starchild, Bruce wasn't dropping tapes or parties..Now you see where i'm going with it & let's have some fun then..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QRJDCBYW

Mixtape 101 - Grandmaster Vic 2/94

As the song goes..Brooklyn goes hard & i'm about to change the blog world one more time. Remember nobody dropped these tapes on the net before & i'm going to do it for everybody. Once we realize what's the reality of mixtapes is & what made the 90's dj's so favorable among the people..then the job will be done !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QTCOAM6W

Mixtape 101 - Grandmaster Vic 3/94

Gildog has me on a mission right about now with my mixtapes. After watching that dvd with Ron G, Doo Wop, Lazy K, Juice, Billy Bill & others. I'm hyped now..So i'm going to drop a explosion of mixtapes on the net right now & i'm going to start it off with Grandmaster Vic..Marioka, you're going to enjoy the next 15 installments of Pushin Tapes..lol

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mixtape 101 - Luv Bug Starski ( HomeWork V1 )

If you enjoyed part 2 & 3..then let me drop the 1st one on you !! As i said before this should be like a history lesson on what should make a mixtape move among the masses worldwide. Remember shelf live is better than 2 weeks of play & in the box it goes..Some dj's will understand what i'm saying, while others will let it goe over their heads & say some stupid shit. Anyway enjoy what you hear !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WIEFGDT5

Mixtape 101 - Luv Bug Starski ( HomeWork V2 )

The legend did a series on this called Homework..Now the reason for me putting out this series, is because at the present moment - we have so-called mixtape dj's trying to do r & b and the releases is corny..I'm not even going to talk about ol school mixtapes..where you got dj's thinking songs from 3 years ago is considered old school..sometimes, these dj's need to get slap !! Now if Starski can drop releases like this back then..why can't today's dj's take lessons on what should move..but don't worry, i'll speak on this issue later !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=35LRTCT6

Loyal 2 Da Game V7 - Do It All ( The Score Hosted by KRS-One )

Once again, i'm sure this slipped under your radar..But i'm going to drop it on you anyway & that's because of the freestyles by Prodigy, Lady Luck, Treach, Amil, Sticky Fingaz, Tigger & others..As you see, i can keep dropping joints for a minute & never stop..Hip Hop heads this one is for you & the freestyles should keep you hooked for a minute..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SOE5T650

Loyal 2 Da Game V7 - DJ Grand Imperial ( R & B Catastrophe V3 )

As the series continues, you'll keep getting this. I enjoy what Grand Imperial does on his mixtapes & let's just say - i've figured out what keep the people moving their heads..So enjoy the sounds !! I got you covered for a minute !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5I1JR92G

Mixtape Legends - Kay Slay & Priiest ( Pure Playaz - R & B Blends )

Once again, i dropped something that people forgot about..First off, Priiest was the original Spinderella ( She dropped a tape called Niggaz Ain't Got A Clue ) & she was married to Van Silk.
Harlem & South Bronx was spots to get those real mixtapes & you know i got to bring it to you the right way..I represent Brooklyn to the fullest !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5LBS5UHU

Mixtape Madness - Do It All ( R & B Blends V7 )

Now i think people understand what i'm doing right now..Do It All made me go into the files & pull this mixtape out..Once again, i got more to come & watch how i'm able to drop more everyday. Time to hit the ipods & notebooks !!

Mixtape Madness - Junior Tec ( The Blends V2 )

As you see, i'm going for that 100 drops in a month..So i might as well start dropping mixtapes by real dj & see why people in NY enjoyed the mixtapes of old..Today mixtapes don't have the substance of real music on it & that's making mixtapes stale a little..I don't even listen to the radio & that's been going on with me for years..So enjoy some more blends !!

Mixtape Legend - Lazy K ( Takin Ya Back )

The queen of the mixtapes is on Pushin' Tapes & believe me, people is taking notice of what we doing on the blog world right now. Brandan ( Recognize The Real ), you got me pulling all kinds of joints now..SOUL, we need to bag em up now !!

Mixtape 101 - Luv Bug Starski ( HomeWork V3 )

As you see, i'm doing something which might go over your heads..But at the end of the day, you get to see what might the mixtape game what it was & why we need to bring back that real vibe of a true mixtape..Let me introduce the Mixtape Legend Luv Bug Starski !!
Pick It Up

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mixtape 101 - Red Alert & Frankie Jugga ( Dynamic Duo )

I'm starting a new series called " Mixtape 101 " & the first installment will be on Red Alert & Frankie Jugga on the mic..Straight r & b without the bullshit chaser. Also i have to give DJ Mars ( History Of Mixtapes ) a big shout out & was good hanging with you today in the street of NY ( Brooklyn & Manhattan )..You need to tell the people how you got the guy in nervous ( Daniels Leather II on Orchard St )!! Anyway, check this download out & watch what i'm going to do next on the releases !!

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Mixtape Madness - DJ Danny Dee ( Take It Back V3 )

Here's another one for the masses !! Believe me fellas, we ot this mixtape thing popin' among the "net" right now..I'm almost ready to reload again on the people..Thanks to those people who's downloading the joints & i'll continue bringing the real mixtapes & not the ones you see in the streets or the internet..

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Mixtape Madness - DJ Danny Dee ( Take It Back V2 )

Back with that r & b from the past..Nothing really to say, just enjoy the sounds & see what's moving..

Mixtape Legends - Craig G & Precise ( Raw & Uncut V1 )

Here's another release for your ipod's..You know, i got to shout out DJ Do It All for his past releases ( Niggaz Know R & B, Blackout, Paper Chaser, Authorized )& DJ Jay Faire for continuing dropping releases..As you see, we can keep doing this & i'll have some more surprises in the next upcoming weeks..


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mixtape Madness - DJ DOS ( The Art Of Old School Hip Hop )

This joint is something different & i snuck it under the radar..I was rocking this for a long time..Sometimes you get to see where you can hear & see the skills of what the dj is doing on his or her release..If you're a real b-boy then this one is for you..nuff said !!http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y6AKKH29

Mixtape Legends - Craig G & P Nice ( Raw & Uncut V2 Part 1 & 2 )

Man, we can do like Brand Nubian & slow down..But that wouldn't be me, if i do something like that..Mixtapes keep me going & real dj's keep this thing going..I think alot of you would be suprised on who really do what behind the scenes..Certain dj's now can't compete on what i drop everyday & that's the fun part of all of this..There's 2 parts to this & i'm giving you both of them because i can do it..Once again, r & b blends for the masses !!

Mixtape Madness - DJ Danny Dee ( Ulitimate Blends V3 )

Once again, we all need to get a real dj & let his or her skills be shown on a mixtape..Henceforth, Danny Dee he makes a mixtape sound good again ( remind me of the 90's mixtapes )..I rather listen to blends or remixes..leave the exclusive at home..Let me know what you think because i got some r & b joints that he did & they're hot !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=19JCQR9Q

Mixtape Legend - DJ Ted Smooth ( Classic Sounds )

Now if you know about Double R, then i'm sure you got something on Ted..He was doing his thing on the mixtape game also back in the days..Check for smooth mixes !! Something short to hear but you need to have this in your collection like i did..

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( We Gotta Eat 2 )

As you see, i'm sure people know now Doggtime was one of my favorite dj's & he didn't talk on his releases..Marioka, you got that daily dose of Doggtime on your ipod now..Next i'm going to drop some joints for Ol Skool & watch how the people start talking again..Believe me, we're here now & now is the time to have fun with it !!

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( Slow-N-Easy )

As you see, we try to somethings different with the mixtapes..I haven't seen nobody drop some slow jam blends on you yet..So here you go, Doggtime was really doing it back in the days & believe me, dj's knew it & i'm sure they was rocking his tapes..So enjoy this with the misses & let me know what she said about it !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LT3448Q9

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( Freaky As Usual )

Everynow & then, we need to slow it down a bit..Once again, here's something for that Sunday afternoon in the park with wifey !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FZ408O4O

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( Doin' My Thang )

Here you go..I'm on that doggtime movement again !! Marioka, i got you !!

Mixtape Madness - J Period ( Introducing J Period )

When i tell you that we got joints, people is going to say whoa !! I remember when J was coming out on the mixtape scene with his releases..I kept telling him to keep rocking them & don't stop. Now people can't get enough of his releases ( March 9, The Roots, NAS, MJB, etc )..Well you know i had to sneak something else on ya !! How many of you remember 360 by Puba !! That's all i'm going to say now..Check the pic also !!

Mixtape Madness - Funkmaster Flex ( Supper Club V1 )

What's the deal fellas..for all the luv i got on the Chat box..I needed to drop some more stuff for the people & believe me, i dug deep this time..Ol Skool & Marioka, these next few drops are for both of you..Brandan, i got you on the next installment !! I did this one a few years ago on www.rapmullet.com with Big Chew & the people was going crazy..I believe Ol Skool dropped V2 on his blog..so enough talk download & enjoy the sounds..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Iceberg Slim ( Hip Hop Classics V1 ) Hosted by Doug E Fresh

Now when was the last time did you hear Doug E Fresh host a mixtape & what i mean actually be there for the whole mixtape..Not just drop in between the songs..see i come from an era where we hear actual people dj & host a mixtape..so henceforth, this mixtape for the internet masses worldwide..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CW4FIJLF

Mixtape Legend - Chill Will FTE ( Hip Hop Flashback V1 )

As you see, we back on that old school hip hop with the mixtape legend DJ Chill Will & you know the good part about this drop..is that Will & Doo Wop is doing a freestyle on the intro..Now that should checking for it..It's nothing like the masterpiece series, but you still get both legends doing their thing on the mic..enjoy what you hear !! As they say, I'm back !! Enjoy the sounds..

Mixtape Madness - DJ Green Lantern ( Beanie Sigel )

Now i'm going to do some hip hop for you..Looks like the "net" needs something from the past. Might as well bring out the return of the bad guy..i was thinking which one to drop on everybody, because i enjoyed this one & Cosmic Kev's version..Beans was the man when he came out ( i still think he can hold his own - remember those classic battles with d block )..once again, enjoy the sounds..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7N45OHV0

Mixtape Madness - Danny S feat DJ Alemo ( Seduction )

This release is for the grown up people who needed to get some slow jams in their lives because of what the lady of the say..Play this for her & you can thank me later. This was one of the most popular slow jam releases for the moment..So you, know what i do when it comes to this & believe me there's more releases to come..i got some more stuff to drop on the masses !! Shout out to Jay of Mixgrind..

Mixtape Madness - DJ Rob E Rob ( Throwback Instrumentals )

I had to sneak this one in for the masses, it has that R & B, Ol Skool hip hop feel - watch what people say about this..Matter Rob is my dude & i truly enjoy what he does on his mixtapes. I do wish he bring back those afterparty cds. Enjoy the instrumentals !! Matter of fact, check the pic out DJ Rob E Rob & DJ Billy Bill..i'm serious about this mixtape madness !!

The Vault - DJ Ekim ( Y2K R & B )

See once again, i keep bringing it & there's more to come..Everytime there's a hip hop classic drop & i can drop r & b for years to come..Believe me, watch what i'm going to drop tommorrow.

The Vault - DJ Ekim ( The Extra R & B Flava V2 )

One more time & believe me, i really enjoy doing this for the world & i can't stop now. R & B is in me all day & now you get to see it live..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9ER7UEU8

The Vault - DJ Ekim ( The Extra R & B Flava )

As you see, we keep giving you more & more hits !! There's nothing really to say just enjoy the sounds & remember how we do it here !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1KK64NNN

The Vault - DJ Craig G ( 50 Cent Street Hits )

As you see..i'm bringing out joints that made people go wow !! When did this drop, remember 50 was making a impact on the streets of NY & worldwide with certain records. So when i heard that Craig was doing this cd..i had to get it & Craig sent it to me personally. This was one of my secret weapon i used on people everynow & then..so ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce to you Craig G & 50 cent show...http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HTUB5MO3

The Vault - DJ Doo Wop ( Reminisce R & B )

I know you been missing the drops & i had to go in a little deep this week..I'm doing this one for my blog brothers ( SOUL, Brandan, Ol Skool, Marioka, POS2, Chivatio, Smooth Denali, Bzrwon ) & believe me, i looked to see if anybody dropped this on the internet & i didn't see it nowhere.
So here you go & enjoy..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EY589SUT

Shout to Gildog !! I got some drops for you bro !! Let's bounce people !!

Go Hard - Smooth Denali ( Classic Hip Hop )

I just want the internet world to beware of the releases by Mr Old School ( DJ Smooth Denali ) - you need to look out for these two because he's going in & to let you know that i'm coming with at least 10 -15 drops this weekend ( Party Joints, Slow Jams, R & B, Hip Hop, Old School & even Reggae )..Some of the joints that i'm going to drop is going to make you say hmmmmm !! But i need to let you know about real mixtape djs & not the ones who drop the ipod mixtapes & think that's all the people want..I'm serious about this blog thing !!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Vault - DJ Arson ( Cruise Control 2K1 - United We Stand )

Here's one more for you to enjoy out of the vault of hits..featuring dj's Arson, Grand Imperial & Junior Tec..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8UV0EC25

The Vault - DJ Arson ( Cruise Control 2K1 - Tha Collabo )

I'm back again with that in the ride joint..Let the top down & rock with that funky s@#$..
Sometime we need to get something better for the cost of admission !! Check it out !!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Vault - DJ Arson ( Cruise Control 2K2 - Full Thottle )

You want some more Chill Will FTE..Well, you get to rock it with ( Danny S & Arson ) & see what's popin in the mixtape game..even if you can relate to all these drops & see whats' moving in the streets..I know for a fact that we moving on the blogs worldwide...

The Vault - DJ Chink ( Party Mode - R & B For The Grown & Sexy )

If you enjoy the two E-Kim's releases from me..then this one should have you on the party vibe for quite the moment..Gildog, i got something special coming for you on Thursday/Friday..But hold on to these releases that i'm dropping because this week we going all the way to the top with some classic drops..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MH674Y4B

Mixtape Madness - Unknown & Blaze ( 100 Blends V4 )

This mixtape was another of those popular bootlegs in the streets of NY & probably worldwide. I'm sure, once you listen to it..then you get what i'm talking about..This was around the time, when Music by Erick Sermon was out..so you understand what's the music playing..Remember, it's a blend tape..

Mixtape Madness - Gatekeepers ( Blend Time V2 )

Time to bring the old school r & b blends with a hip hop twist to a ipod near you !! Enjoy what you hear & relax to the vibe of a dj ( if you enjoyed the first one, then you got a treat today.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Chill Will FTE ( The Blend King V2 )

Here's another one for you..Remember we can keep this going for a long time !! Certain dj's can keep things going & that's what makes these mixtapes unique..Chill Will was known for bringing something different for the listeners..So you know this will have you saying damn, that's what we missing today !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TWGUUM2Y

Mixtape Legend - Chill Will FTE ( The Blend King )

Now you know we got the moment on point & i keep things moving..So you know i had to drop this on the people..Keep on checking the blog there's more in store for the people !! I'm sure you know what it takes to share all this with everybody..Now you get something different & i'm sure you know what's up..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1GZ3KK4S

Mixtape Legend - Chill Will FTE ( King Of The Blend )

I think people knows that hip hop can't be stopped & from the look of things we made it to a certain part of the circle !! So i know you wanted to get some Chill Will FTE Masterpieces from me..So i thought about how i could give you a little something different & then bring the masterpieces to you. Henceforth the Blend King at work !!! Remember get Fruity people !!

Rapmullet/Pushin' Tapes/Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( R & B V3)

You know, i had to sneak this one up on the people..Shouts to my brother in crime Big Chew for dropping this on the internet world..I just keep thinking on how to make things better & show people what they missed in the past..I got some jewels coming up soon, which will blow people away, but you know how i do..just wait & see what comes out !!

Big Chew from www.Rapmullet.com: It's a DJ E-Kim double play pushin' tape weekend. I didn't see a write up for this one. I think Tape snuck it in at the last minute. Regardless, this is that classic 1996 RnB by one of the best mixtapes dj's to ever do it. Peep that track list and you know what it's about.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rapmullet.com/Pushin' Tapes/ Mixtape Legend E-Kim ( Illegal Game V2 - It's Party Time )

Now I get to make fun of the current mixtape djs world with this tape.. First off, it was done like 12 years ago & I can still rock it at a party today..I won't front today's mixtape djs are weak & their cds speak for it. The man was known for rocking r & b mixtapes, that moved for years ( ol school r & b was one of the most bootlegged cd worldwide )..Alot of you youngsters today couldn't compete & I know for a fact that you rocked one of ekim's mixtapes & studied the man's format..So I figure on how to rock the internet by doing a 2 for 1 for the masses worldwide , since I know I'm the only person that could do this without a moment hesitation. Also I know that this tape isn't on the internet..so take this gift & also rock with R & B V3 ( 96 )also..check for the blends on the r & b tape & jump at party cuts on Illegal Game V2...Shout out to DJ Soul !!!

Mixtape Madness - Lil Raskal ( Summer Pimpin' V4 )

Once again, it's on..this should be in total rotation in your ipod or car..Something like a top 40 blend of past & present mixes..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S3B16KFL

Mixtape Madness - DJ Supreme & Grand Larceny ( Mixtape Masterminds V2 )

Here's something for the blend fiends & i can do this everyday - this mixtape is like a production of remixes..there's alot of mixtapes out there that some people either forgot or didn't know existed & i'm going to drop a few of them on you. Honestly, i luv doing this & believe me, people know what we do...enjoy this one !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1YFLY55U

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Kool Kirk ( A Million )

Let me sneak in with some hip hop for the people..Just call me the Mixtape Librarian & enjoy the sounds of Rakim, The Lox, MOP, Jay Z...http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MEGBFHKR

Mixtape Madness - Kool Kirk & Da Original DJ Precise ( Cool Out V2 )

Talk about blends & who got what ?? Here comes another one for the masses & i got to thank the people for checking out these blend mixtapes..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D2WOAXL1

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( 96: Year Of The Dog )

I'm not going to front..I enjoy doing this & believe me, it's fun being able to drop these mixtapes on my fellow bloggers..Last night ( March 12 @ Mixtape Honors ) i spoke with Superstar Jay, Dirty Harry, Love Dinero, Mark Xclusive, DJ Shay about the blends & why the public isn't feeling them no more ( these dudes want to make blends )..Henceforth, one of my first Doggtime mixtapes..Once agin, Marioka is going to go crazy about this one..The year is 1996 & we all need to keep it real !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JU8TKWTO

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( Dat Freaky Joint )

Once again, i remember playing this joint over & over again because of that Total joint ( When Boy Meets Girl )..Man, i wish these days could come back again to the straight musicial sounds..

Mixtape Legend - Doggtime ( Power 8 )

Mr. Marioka, this one is for you & believe me i got you on this & more !! Here's one of the Queens dj's representives of the blend thing..DJ Doggtime !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4IWVFZP0

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Loyal 2 Da Game V6 - DJ Grand Imperial ( R & B Catastrophe V2 )

I came thru the door, what more can i say..Once you bring something you got to continue on doing it right..So i came with another type of blends with some hip hop feel to it !! The first one was my favorite & i got some hip hop on Grand Imperial also

Mixtape Madness - Katchabrake ( Blend Over )

This cd had the following djs ( DJ Kep, Statik Seletah, Mick Boogie, Roli Fingaz, DJ Jon & Dj Unexpected ) & believe me they're good at what they do !! I'm sure you heard something from all these dj's - i got to shout out Chivato for putting out Mash Of The Titans vs Katchabrake..Which release was the best..I like both of them !! So tell me how you like this one..

Mixtape Madness - DJ Supreme & Lil Raskal ( Summer Pimpin' )

This was done a few years ago & believe me, the streets of NY was rocking this mixtape. Sometimes you need to make sure that people get to hear some good music & watch how things can change..Just enjoy what you got !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GFWIJU0G

Loyal 2 Da Game V5 - DJ Jae Supreme ( Gatekeepers/It's Been A Long Time )

I had this in my folder ready to drop with the classic blends ( Brandan dropped it already on his blog )..But my cover was totally different !! This was how the dj's in Queens was rocking..I think on my next few releases - i'm going to look for some Queens dj's soon..until then enjoy this one & he's ( Jae Supreme ) from Queensbridge!! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UO7SWAGD

Mixtape Madness - DJ Kurupt ( R & B Blendz V32 )

Here's another one for the internet people to check out !! Nothing but classic after classic..remember we can keep doing this over & over again..As you know, i got nothing but respect for the Mixtape Bandits ( SOUL, Marioka, Andyman, Bzrwon, Chivato, Todd1, Brandon, Gildog, Pos2, Hevehitta )..Let's go !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5GU14EEB

Mixtape Madness - DJ Kurupt ( R & B Blendz V29 )

I had to go back to the blends session..This time i went to DJ Kurupt & dropped his most popular series ( R & B Blendz Series )..Marioka, i'm sure you should like this series..Todd1 what's up playa..http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DCLZHCKM

Monday, March 9, 2009

Loyal 2 Da Game V4 - Kay Slay & Kid Capri ( The Untouchables )

Now you can't tell me that you didn't think, i wasn't going to drop this on you !! That's just not possible..Kay Slay did joints with different djs all over the place & i'm going to show you who he was dropping them with..Now since Kid Capri is on this one, there's nothing to say !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EBXKXZ60

Mixtape Madness - Kay Slay & Big Mike ( Racial Profiling V2)

See there's no question about what's happening right now..I hear that the internet is buzzing about what we dropping on the masses..So you know i had to drop part 2 on the world. Everybody now knows what's the deal now, so fellas let's have some fun with it & show them what we got in our collections..i'm doing my part now !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PXZ9BXFU

Mixtape Madness - Kay Slay & Big Mike ( Racial Profiling )

Once again, it's getting too easy again..Drop after drop & now the internet world can see what's really out here to see !! Straight fire for either your computer or the ipod..As they say let's take a trip to the past & see what the people was rocking with..If you need that hip hop, then i'm that dude..But remember i can drop it all !! Shout out to Brandan, Marioka, SOUL, Ol Skool, POS2, Big Chew, Dimez, Miami Kaos, Hevehitta, Unexpected, 2Mello, DJ Rhude & The rest of LXG..

Mixtape Madness - Kay Slay & Big Mike ( Unfinished Business - We Are The Champions )

Check this out !! If Brandan ( Recognize The Real ) was dropping all the Clue joints, then it's only right if i drop all the Kay Slay releases on you..These two guys could of been like the hardest team on the mixtape circuit & that was even worldwide..Their mixtapes made history & believe me people still talk about them today..So if you want hip hop, i got that for you & it's the 2 for 5 special !! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KN15FGKV

Loyal 2 Da Game V3 - DJ G Brown ( Legend Of The Drunken Master - ODB )

Who was the best out of Wu-Tang Clan ?? Some people say Meth, Raekwon, Killa Priest..I think, ODB made the most noise next to Meth, Ghostface, Raekwon..Now here you get to see what G Brown can do on the turntables..If you checked out March 9th ( Best Of Biggie ) with J Period & G Brown, then this one should have you jumping over the seat..Classic sounds, hot blends, just a classic joint for the ipod & you can thank me later !!

Mixtape Madness - Heavy Rotation Allstar Mixtape

As you will see this mixtape game is bigger than you can imagine..Shout out to Ol Skool for dropping those Tapekingz mixtapes..Steve & Ian is should be considered legends also & that's why i pulled out this mixtape because it had dj's like Camilo, Tony Touch, Epps, Evil Dee, Green Lantern, Cipha Sounds, Spin One, Max Glazer & Cash Money..The Mixtape Librarian is on a mission right now & watch how i continue to make things work for all of us..nuff said !!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Loyal 2 Da Game - DMX vs Canibus

Now i'm sure everybody is going crazy right now..Believe me, i said the same thing when i found it !! These was the time, when mixtapes was raw & hip hop was blowing everything else out of the water..This joint was rare even then & now that i listen to it again..street classic for the internet !!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mixtape Legends - Craig G & Precise ( Top Floor 2000 )

I'm at it again & believe me, people will understand what i'm about to do in a minute..I'm one of the first person's to bring the Craig G 's Sneekin' Up On That Ass V1 & V2 to the internet on www.rapmullet.com - so why not drop another joint..Don't worry, i'm doing DJ S & S's right now as you read this..So enjoy this one for now !!

Mixtape Legends - Kayslay & Chill Will FTE ( Real Harlem Katz On The Rise )

So you want hip hop..Let's do some real hip hop & none of that pop hip hop that the record labels & radio want you to rock with right now..I can do this all day & stay be able to keep up with the trends of yesterday..Once again, i try to give you something you didn't know about or was on your radar..Henceforth DJ Kay Slay & DJ Chill Will FTE. Everybody wanted some Chill Will FTE Masterpieces, so i figured let me drop a hip hop on ya first !!

Mixtape Legends - Mista Rello & Jadel Feat Doggtime, Grandmaster Vic & Big Bill ( Ol Skool Blends V2 )

As you all know, i started the mixtape reviews ( Then start doing my thing with Dimez & Chew of www.rapmullet.com ) years ago with King Apex on http://www.tapekingz.com/ & believe me, i'm good right now !! I can drop mixtapes everyday & still be consistent on what i do with the blog..Alot of people miss these old mixtapes & believe me your favorite websites can't get them all..Henceforth, classicmixtapes & believe me, i enjoy doing this everyday - even if it's just one mixtape..so check this one out with Doggtime, Grandmaster Vic & Big Bill..

Mixtape Legend - DJ JUICE

As you know for the past month or so, everybody was dropping those classic r & b blends from DJ Juice..So i figure on doing a hip hop one..this one should make some people happy..You needed to get those blends, don't let nobody tell you - i couldn't find none for you !! Word on the street is that he's coming back with a new blend joint..I hope he does a hip hop blend joint, like he does the r & b..

Mixtape Legends - Silva Sir-Fa & Kayslay ( 1-900-Blends )

I'm doing this one for those dudes who needed to hear some regular blends..Mr Mayface out of Houston, TX ( Brandan, as you see i really do get alround like Tupac ) wanted this one & i always told him that i got him on it..so hear, you go bro !! I'm only dropping joints now that everybody forgot about or didn't know existed..Anyway, this joint is r & b blends !! Before the streetsweeper, it was strictly around the way !! See ya, on the next drop !!


Mixtape Madness - DJ BIG HYPE - THE BEST OF BIG HYPE V1 & V2

I hear the internet need to get them blends again..Well i'm back with some different drops for you & the first one is DJ Big Hype from Syracuse, NY..Marioka & Ol Skool should like these drops..The r & b favorites with that hip hop taste..Once again, it's sure nuff' funky..Enjoy the r & b sounds of a true dj..Don't worry, i got more stuff coming !!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Brucie B ( Something For The People )

You know, i had to drop a Brucie B since DJ Mars did one on his blog..Now the time comes when we all can drop as many releases together & that's the fun part..Brucie B is still doing parties today & he's even watching over new groups ( The Real Pack- shout to Neight Nitty )..There's not too much to be said about Mr B, that you should already know..But i'll tell you that Brucie B was one of the first dudes to introduce Biggie to the world..Remember the lyrics - Ron G, Brucie B & Kid Capri..After that there's nothing to be said !! See ya on the next drop !! Opps, i forgot check the pics & see that i'm serious about this mixtape game !! Straight hip hop flava !!


Mixtape Madness - DJ Dee Wiz ( Live NYC 2001 )

If you know about the history of mixtapes, then you know Dee Wiz was doing on it the scene of NY with parties, radio & mixtapes..My most favorite joint he did was with Luv Bug Starski on the mic & Wiz was rocking the turntables with breakbeats & classic old school songs..I might put that out for the dudes on the internet who remember the battles in the parks in Harlem or the block parties in Brooklyn..Yup, i represent to the fullest on this mixtape thing, my record speaks for itself..As you know the game is changing everyday & there's some good things about change but you need to know what was put out there before the change !!!

Mixtape Legend - Stan Strong ( Live At The Roxy )

I'm sure alot of you don't know about Stan Strong ( The Strongest Man On Steel )..But if you partied in NYC then i'm sure you knew about him & Super C..These dudes have the party vibe & they use to bring it to the mixtapes near you back in the late 90's..Look for their joints & see what i'm talking about..As you know with me, i bring the joints you probably either forgot or didn't know about..So let me introduce STAN STRONG !!

Mixtape Legend - Kid Capri ( Live At The Roxy )

I was talking DJ Mars the other day about how the dj artform is dying because of the "IPOD" dj's & other things..I truly understand the upgrade of music & systems now..But if you can't rock a party then you're done !! I know for a fact that you got to have a certain skill to do a mixtape, rock a party, etc..So i figured that the only way to do it is just drop live party joints on the internet world now..So i seen my brother SOUL drop the Kid Capri old school, i figured that i could start this off with a Kid Capri party mixtape !!! The mixtape legend is back on the scene for the masses & i heard that he's coming back to drop some joints on us !!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mixtape Madness - DJ Supreme ( Far Rockaway )

As you see, i'm on that r & b shit right now..So if you know about the 90's mixtapes then i'm sure you seen one of Supreme mixtapes..if not, then let me drop some info on you then..This dude use to drop like 5 mixtapes every week ( i'm sure you see the Quad mixtapes on Mobb Deep, Tupac, Biggie ) - he did it !! His r & b joints was classic on the streets of NY & believe me, the dj's was asking who's this kid from Far Rockaway, Queens ( NY )..He was dropping alot of remixes on his tapes & people was saying " Let's check this dude out "..Then i heard he moved down south & nobody seen mixtapes of his anymore..but you know, i had to drop a double joint on you !!
Once again, Marioka, SOUL & Ol Skool this one is for ya !! To my blog brothers, i got some good hip hop for you coming next !!

Mixtape Madness - LA Luv ( Flashbacks V14 )

I keep telling people R & B will continue to make those moves among the masses worldwide..I wish somebody would do a r & b mixtape with 20 years of music on it - ( imagine 1 minute of each song & a hype host ) That would kill the internet for years to come because nobody has never did that & only Chris Read did the hip hop version..But this one is for those people who rock that smooth r & b..Once again, just sit back & relax to some cool sounds like Sumthin, Sumthin, Too Close, Just In Case, Dance Tonight, Don't Talk..Just feel the vibe & rock with it !!
Remember we need to keep the sounds coming...See ya on the next one !!

Mixtape Madness - DJ Billy Bill ( It's Personal )

Well it's time to be back on that blend level & what the time was like..For those who remember this dj, think about the time when blends was coming out every week..This joint was like a competition thing against a certain mixtape dj ( let see if you can guess )..But you know the fun part about this battle of the mixtape skills, these djs can talk about this today & laugh..Which makes the game so unique & anything can happen, but i'm sure that you know when a good tape is for you !! Once again, listen to it & be the judge !! But you know that i continue looking & rocking those hard to find mixtapes !! See you on the next one..

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mixtape Madness - LA Luv ( 10 Anniversary V2 )

Now that you see that we can't be stop & the drops keep coming & coming..Why not drop something i know for a fact that could rock a party & a ipod near you. Henceforth, LA Luv ( A South Bronx Native ) & i remember when he use to drop his tapes with Sandy ( the queen of mixtape spots in NY )..Man, the time went so fast & now to see how people can relate on who's doing what..This mixtape should be rocked on your computer for a minute & i'm sure DJ Marioka will enjoy this because on how he feel about Tony Touch..So bro, this joint is for you !!

Don't worry, people i still got more...shucks let me see what i could drop next !! I think now i'm going to take the day off !!

Mixtape Legend - Ron G ( Plantinum Series )

So you want some more Ron G for the ipod..No problem !! The kid is still his thing on the producing tip for the 09 & i can still drop some old shit on ya !! Sometimes we need a little something different & believe me, we can do it for ya !! Enjoy the sounds of the youngest in charge & make sure you stay tuned for some more tunes because i just started & i'm not stopping yet !!

Mixtape Legend - E-Kim ( Going Way Back )

This was one of the most bootlegged mixtapes during the 90's & if you didn't get this back then ( i'm sure you know his signature drop )..I'm sure you picked it up during your run thru the mall..E-kim is considered one of those dudes who was running the r & b scene back then with Fran Lover, Kool Mike Ski, Doo Wop, Showtime, Craig G, LA Luv, Redhanded & others..Matter of fact, he's still doing mixtapes today & still rocking the parties worldwide..Google his name & see what you could pick up..I've been doing this for years & i know who was doing what on the scene..Don't let the internet fool you on who was doing their thing..I still feel that a dj should be able to make mixtapes, do radio, do parties, etc !!

Mixtape Madness - Testimonial ( Rakim & NAS )

Now what can you say about the way you get to hear 2 of the greatest lyricists on the mic..Then you have the bouncemasta bringing it to you..I'm sure this mixtape slip thru the cracks of the internet world..But now, you can upload it to the other collection of yours or just drop it on the ipod for total rotation..When you salute the gods, remember how hip hop use to be & then see what you're listening to now..Sometimes, it should make you wonder on life of hip hop.

Once again, enjoy a bit of the past & see what the present can bring to the masses worldwide. DJ Marioka, Ol Skool, SOUL, Brandan & DJPOS2, i got some real r & b coming for you next !!

Mixtape Madness - H N I C V1 ( Prodigy )

Once again, i'm back with some more hip hop that the masses seem to forget about. I like to thank all those blogs who downloaded the Murda Mixtapes ( Stretch & Whoo Kid ). Remember i can keep this up forever & that's because back then mixtapes was coming out everyday..Today, there seems to be a shortage of hip hop & the result is those stupid mixtapes..Good thing, alot of the mixtape dj's from the past was doing their thing & now you get to see & hear it..

Rapmullet - Murder Of The Month ( The Death Of The Hip Hop Compilation Mixtape )

The Death of the Hip Hop Compilation Mixtape...February Murder of the Month
By Big Chew on March 1, 2009 3:00 PM 3 Comments

Here rests the Hip Hop Compilation Mixtape. He was a good mixtape. Pioneered and produced in a classic manner by the likes of DJ Clue, Doo Wop, S&S, Tony Touch, Kay Slay, Big Mike, Green Lantern and DJ Drama. They took you to new heights. You were the voice of the streets, you helped sell albums, you built anticipation and you've launched the career of many DJs. You were woven with blends, new shit, freestyles and unknown MCs. But mostly new shit. You were the blueprint to success for years. You had/have many imitators yet still manage to persevere to this very day...until the almighty blog weakened your fan base. Your fans today are of the non-internet having variety. Yes you still sell mixtapes, especially on the street where your non-internet fans thrive. Your sister, RnB Compilation Mixtape, is thriving tho. Don't hate her, she knows good music while you Hip Hop Compilation mixtape haven't known good music for a while now. It was not your fault Hip Hop Compilation Mixtape. You were abused and will continue to be abused as is the hip hop way these days. Alas, you are not truly dead. We will see you as free downloads by people on the internet looking for "promotion". We will still see you on the street until everyone in the world is connected and online. We will see you with many pauses and many not so exclusives. You've been replaced by the variable artist "best of" mixtape. Consisting of 3 or 4 new tracks by an artist followed by some of their "best of" music and a pretty cover. We will still see you Hip Hop Compilation Mixtape...but with out your true soul you are just a shell of your former self. You are truly dead. RIP

Rapmullet ( Pushin Tapes ) - Clue - Winter 1

Pushin' Tapes with Tapemasta...DJ Clue - Winter 1 - Somethin' From The Radio
By Big Chew on March 1, 2009 9:41 PM 2 Comments

You know how people say Clue is rocking the airwaves..so I figured that maybe I could show you what he did in the past & then maybe people will recognize some of the same format today.
I've been able to jump with different stuff for years & still be able to be consistent with my peers to today. My vacation was good & now I'm able to bring a lot of different joints on the masses. Hey Clue, I got your first mixtape & believe me, only a chosen few know which tape it was. But now, when was the last time you heard a blend or a hot freestyle on a clue tape. Make you wonder ?? Anyway, on this tape you get some blends & it shows you what Clue was trying to do & compete with other mixtape dj's at the time...Enjoy this one until I drop that ol school hip hop or hip hop reggae by Clue..See Ya !!

Side A

Side B