Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pushin Tapes - Dirty Harry

What do you know about rocking on WTMT.FM & able to drop all the mixtapes you want on the internet. Well, today you get to see how to do & watch the masses go crazy. Look for mixtapes like this & see how the creation of mixtapes evolve into something more than others imagine. I told people last year that I could do this forever & people tried to come & copy what I do. So now, I drop nothing but classics on you & remember I know people don't have these tapes anymore. So I get to talk shit & just drop classic after classic. ( just put my name next to it when you put it on your site, blog or ebay )..I'm taking back what's mine & that's it !! See you on the next one...SHOUTS To My People: Chew & Dimez, SOUL, Brandan, Andy, DJ Pos, Marioka, Ol Skool ( Don't leave yet, let's have some fun ), DJ Soul ( BK ), Bzrwon, DJ Books, Chivato, Smooth Denali, Neil Armstrong, Miami Kaos, Jay Z, Lebron James, Unexpected & Hevehitta ( ), DJ Showtime, Doo Wop, Diggers Union Crew, LXG Crew...


  1. i think I already have this one but fuck it, im downloading it anyways. dirty mutha fuckin harry. his tapes never get old. i always pick up something new with every listen. one of the most original mixtape dj's of all time right here.

    props to the mixtape god...tapemasta

  2. I passed on a Dirty Harry mixtapes early on because I was turned on to Clue Tony Touch Juice S&S Craig G and a couple others Tony being my best, that when I read the blends on Dirty Harry I said nah I wanted to hearthe straight raw cuts!! It wasn't untilabout 96 or 97 that I broke down and copped a Dirty Harry joint and I wasn't dissapointed I love good blends on the 1's and 2's, a skill often diregarded!!! Dirty Harry is one of the best at it not to mention he gets another notch for creativity!!! Thanks for this one!!!

  3. Ah yeah.... i remember having this tape & giving it away (yes i know i'm stupid) to a friend for his birthday.

    Thanx for returning the tape :)

  4. the best! thanks.

    shame harry seems to done with mixtapes these days he was/is my favorite.