Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mixtape Madness - Green Lantern

Once again, it's time to bring back that old school flava & something which you probably forgot about..This time i'm bringing out something that most people probably already know about. But i'm showing you that Green Lantern really has that old school feel in his mixtapes..Henceforth, the throwback joints..When was the last time you heard Funky Enough by DOC, Afro Puffs by Rage, One To Grow On by Umc's..Green we need to get this type of music back into the air, enough of those Myspace Invasion mixtapes..This is going all over the place !!!


  1. yo Tapemasta, i used to have this one but i gave it away a couple of years ago. dope tape tho. keep causin master hysteria son!

  2. Nuttin, but flashbacks for the masses !!

  3. Proper props.

    Do you have any of these tapes ?

    New World Order
    The Chosen One
    Respect The Shooter (with Uncle Murda)
    Takin' it to The Streets
    Just Us and The Gunz
    In Too Deep
    The Scope's On You Vol. 1 (with Sniper)
    Rookie of the Year
    Coming of Age


  4. Spijkmaster, i got them all except Coming of age & The scope's on you...