Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Ron G

I heard that the internet was looking for me..Well, I needed to get that well deserved vacation that was promised to me. The Virgin Islands was very relaxing & people was more friendly there than in the states. Now I'm back harder than before..Let me show you why I'm considered the mixtape librarian. How many people have this tape or Clue 8/15, E Brothers 11/20, Starchild 8/25/90..Once again, I'm back on my real hip hop shit & the copy kats that tried to come out & say they're reviewers or writers - I see you & I'm about to put a stop to it..I started this with King Apex because hip hop albums was "corny" & mixtape dj's needed a outlet to shine. I've seen the explosion of the "blogs" & what the people was doing & I commend them to the fullest..So here's my gift to you !!! The Youngest In Charge, Master of the H & R Funk, The Waterbed Crew.. RRRRRoooNNN GGGG !!! Watch me, go download heaven again !! If you see Ron G in the salute that man & tell what his mixes did for you. Once again, I got to shout out Big Chew of Rapmullet Fame ( ), Brandan ( Recognize The Real ), SOUL ( )..these fellas keep me on my toes !!



  1. you gotta post up them other Ron G joints you got, this has been posted elsewhere many times. hit us up with those "back to school" and "old school" jiddoints!! and keep doin ya thing fam!!!! peace.

  2. I hear u & i was the one who put this out..Believe me, i got more mixtapes & cds for !!

  3. ok fam i'm waiting!! this site is insane! thanx again.