Friday, February 13, 2009

Mixtape Legend - The Legendary DJ Showtime

Early in his teens, Showtime began working as an opening DJ in Harlem , NY learning and perfecting his craft. By the time he reached his early 20's, he was already making an impact on the Hip Hop world as a prominent figure behind the turntables. Influences like Brucie Bee, Kid Capri, Love Bug Starski, Hollywood , and a host of others made Showtime a more focused DJ, realizing that the power to make crowds move and shake was phenomenal. It was at that point that Showtime started making mixtapes which helped promote his skills on the tables to the likes of Urban America. Showtime honed his skills to which he was able to gain residency in several Hip Hop clubs. He also was considered to be a part of NYC's first DJ clique, Hard Pack, which was founded by mixtape promoters, Rock and Will. The Hard Pack become one of the best known organizations in mixtape history, gaining national fame in The Source Magazine, Rap Pages and on MTV's Yo MTV Raps, which was hosted by Fab 5 Freddy. The mid 90's were crucial for Showtime because this was the time in which major defintion took place in his career. Showtime's mixtape sales were high in volume ( Titles like Love Jones, The Mack, The Power & The Glory, Hand Grenade, Chocolate City ) and that led him to become one of the most highly respected Mix Tape Dj's in his time. He is still remembered as one of the pioneers of the mixtape arena and recognized as one of the top club DJ's in New England. In 1997, Showtime became a Mixshow DJ at WNEZ JAMZ 910 AM. His show, The Friday Night Thunderstorm, took the airwaves with an extreme and influential acceptance. His career exploded on a commercial radio level. In 2000, Showtime was also awarded Urban Network's Mixshow DJ of the Year. Showtime is also a part of one of the most influential organizations of DJ's in the field of music today known as the CORE DJ'S. Showtime is also proud to have been a part of Power 104.1 and was heard Mondays through Fridays at 12 noon for the Back In The Day Buffet, and Sundays doing BACKSPIN alongside Smith Brother DJ Drake, it has become the most POWERFUL show on the airwaves today playing ALL of your requested Back In The Day Hip Hop and R&B tracks. Having over 5,000 venues under his belt, Showtime is a true LIVING LEGEND. NOW EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT FROM 6-10PM YOU CAN CATCH HIM ON HARTFORD'S HIT STATION KISS 95.7 PLAYING EVERYTHING YOU WANNA HEAR AND THEN SOME!!! CHECK IT OUT..

Showtime's Favorite Mixtapes

Doo Wop 1/1, Money Train, 95 Live Series

BuckWild 10/3

Hardpack Series

Showtime Love Jones, 33 1/3 Unstoppable 1, 2

D Demo 11/19

E Bros Live @ Jackie Robinson Houses

Fidel Reggae Series

Triple C-ALL

Starchild #5

Hollywood and Brucie B Live at the Rooftop

The Mos Crew #1-28

Lord Finesse (ALL)

Chill Will FTE Masterpeace Series

S&S NIggas Aint Shit

Kid Capri Castle Series

Get High Crew Live @ Foster ProjectsTheodore Live@ Randy's Place


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