Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Kool Mike Ski

How many of you remember Da Bronx Bomber ?? I'm sure some of you don't remember him, but guess what i'm bringing him to the internet now with this mixtape..His r & b joints was classic in the streets of NY..Matter of fact, my next few drops will be on the r & b djs who rocked the streets & the internet..How many of you remember I Get High ( rmx ), What's My Name, Oh My Goodness, Hey Y'all..As you see the cover & it says "Touchin' All Bases"..Yes, you guess it, i'm going to do that also !! See ya on the next one !!!


  1. dope songs on here, but this came out in '03 and by this time mixtapes wernt as prevalent anymore. it became saturated. matter of fact i gave away all my '02, '03, '04 tapes a couple years ago. i only keep tapes from the '90's to '01.
    anything over '01 is non-existent to me.

    nothing against this DJ tho, this is just me.

  2. cant wait to see those R&B tapes tho. i hope u pull out some good ones. but please Tapemasta, no blends only if its Ron G or Doggtyme. im tired of blends right now. i mean wouldnt mind just hearing the track straight up.
    pull out the good ones my dude! remember, we got the dopest shit on the market son!

  3. LOL...i got some good ones including blends with a r & b twist..The mixtape game went wack when the record labels started coming into the field of the game..Henceforth 50 cent which flooded the market & made all the rappers think they could do the same thing..Which made DJ's like Kool Mike Ski, LA Luv, Arson, Chubby Chubb, Redhanded, Technican, Kay Slay, S & S, Acton PAC, Clue, Dexterity, Showtime & others do things like Radio, Parties, etc..The mixtape game was only to be a stepping stone for djs..look at the radio in NYC, majority of the djs' was mixtape djs..The only two who wasn't mixtape dj's was Red Alert & Flex..Now i'm going have to pull out some of those joints from