Friday, February 13, 2009

Mixtape Legend - Dexterity

Twenty-something odd years ago, God blessed this Earth with one of the most profound, prolific Reggae Mix Tape DJs in the game---Dexterity. Dexterity, a New Jersey native, has elevated the mix tape genre to another level with his unique style of deejaying, and anyone who has been a witness of his work, knows that when Dexterity takes control of the turntables, he makes sure that his skills are commensurable to none. Undoubtedly, Dexterity has the mix-tape game on lock, and that is in part due to his deep rooted passion for music and his belief of giving the people what they want and that means a good, solid product. “My style is unique; by the way I play records, the remixes that I do (one of the first to do Hip-Hop Reggae Remixes). I make sure that my joints flow and that every song on the CD is banging. I also go back and specifically place each sound effect (explosion, gun shot, sample, laser) to where they sound like they belong when the listeners hear them, I may be anal but not every laser or sound effect sounds hot on certain songs, and the same thing is applicable for Hip-Hop Reggae, not every hip-hop track sounds good on any reggae accapella” Dexterity states. Dexterity is by no means your run in the mill average DJ, he holds a master’s degree from NYU in Music Business and owns a production and management company---Binghi Mon Productions Inc. and Reloaded Entertainment. His performance roster ranges from touring with the Fugees, as the DJ for Refugee Camp Reggae artist, Spida, The Ultimate Mix Tape Concert that featured other heavy hitting DJs such as Dirty Harry, Ron G and DJ Clue, Labor Day Weekend Jam Featuring Dexterity and Dirty Harry, countless of Club appearances throughout the U.S. to being nominated for “Best Reggae Mix Tape DJ” from 1996-2004 at the Mix Tape Awards Show in New York. Most recently he won the SEA (Southern Entertainment Award) for best Reggae Mix Tape in 2006, Won for Best Reggae Mix Tape DJ at the Justos Award Show (Apollo Theater) and was nominated for Best Reggae Mix Tape (Beenie Man Mix CD) at the SEA's in 2007. He has also worked with various artists in the studio such as, Elephant Man, Sean Paul, Bounty Killer, Wayne Marshall, Mr. Easy, Ward 21 and T.O.K. It would not be an understatement to say that Dexterity has the mix tape art form right where he wants it, and that is a result of his hard work and dedication to his craft. “I never slack off, no matter what. That is how people fall off, they become too complacent. I appreciate what I have and I went through a lot to obtain it, and I plan to keep it,” Dexterity exclaims. Dexterity has been in the mix tape game since 1995 and has been one of the main Reggae Mix Tape DJ's since he got in the game. It is no surprise that, Dexterity---which means skillful or handy, has lived up to his pseudo. He is skilled beyond words when it comes to using his hands to create beautiful music, that when heard, takes over the body and the mind. He plans to continue to use his musical talents to make things happen. What the future entails for this marquee Reggae DJ, he will continue to give the people bangin’ mixed joints, work at getting his artist six figure deals and start producing tracks for major recording artist. If interested in Reggae and Hip Hop Reggae Mix CDs, interviews, club or college bookings contact Dexterity at: or 1-877-332-6499. The website address is Also check for

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