Monday, February 23, 2009

Luv Bug Starski & The Lost Boyz - Live At The Karate Club

Here's a legend of the hip hop world, Luv Bug Starski..The man been doing his thing for over 25 years & still going strong today. Hip hop can never be the same & some people will realize why..

I got to give props Pos2 ( ) for dropping the old school hip hop done by the legend..So i figured let me drop something special for the masses worldwide. Imagine rocking with The Lost Boyz & Luv Bug on the mic..Pure History for the "Blog World"..I won't even tell you what's on the Veterans double cd or Break Beats cd..Maybe, i'll drop that one on the "blog world"

Download Link


  1. thanks! just found this site again. but for some reason the link won't work. i keep getting a this page can't be displayed message.