Sunday, February 22, 2009

Loyal 2 Da Game - DJ DareDevil

This was a good mix & if he can continue doing his thing with the mixes..DJ's on the other side of the world look out !!! Imagine if he was to do a 80 min mix..straight classic material, i look forward for the next release from him !!
DJ DareDevil : Hey wassup people ? Here is a new mix I did this week , I haven't done one for a long time , Its a selection of Hip Hop Classics ...please download and give me some feedback !! here's the playlist....1. DareDevil Intro 2. Royal Flush - 'Dwelling In The Rotten Apple'(juggled)
3. Master Ace - 'TopTenList' 4. Sadat X - 'The Interview'(juggled) 5. Bumpy Knucles and Pete Rock -'Mind Frame'(juggled + freestyle scratch) 6. The Beatnuts - 'Find That'(juggled)
7. Gangstarr - 'Gota Get Over'(juggled) 8. Notorious B.I.G - 'Kick In The Door'(juggled)
9. Shades Of Brooklyn - 'Survival War' (with freestyle scratch) 10.Gage ft Cella Dwellas 'Cranium Remix'(juggled) 11.Redman - 'Whateverman' (over original beat,Mic geronimo men vs many instr,keith murry the rhyme instr + with freestyle cuts)
Download here ....

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